Vermin War 1

Vermin War I
Date: Friday, August 21st, 1999 & Saturday August 22nd, 1999
Location: Clayton, NC
Number of Participants: 25 people (10 vs 15)
Type of Battle: Team Soakfest

Battle Field
v1 battle map symbols

Preperations & Raids

As soon as I got to my friends house, (our commanding officer) I asked him how the traps were going, to my astonishment none had been made so far.  Another guy on the team, Logan, had come over to plan and spend the night.  We unloaded mine brother’s and my stuff: two sleeping bags, a  CPS 1000,  SS 100 improved, pillows, water balloons, flour bombs, and two cans of silly string.  Flour bombs are used like water balloons, however they are flour wrapped up in a tissue.  Flour bombs will surprise your opponent and cover them in a cloud of flour, in the mean time you can soak them while there still shocked.

That night we prepared, filled water balloons had target practice with our guns and set up a plan.  Daniel was supposed to be our commander, but his dad ended up doing most of the planning. He wanted both the Super Soaker and Speed Loader QFDs under the deck in a protected area that was safe for refilling. My job was to use Mr. Rick’s Speed Loader 1500 to protect our QFDs.  I was also in an excellent position to pick off anyone coming around the house to attack the fort from the flank. Initially I wasn’t to happy to be parting with my CPS 1000 – it was the biggest baddest blaster on the team – but when I learned what my mission would be I thought it was important (and fun) enough to part ways with big purple. I had a can of blue silly string for emergency use and was protected by a barricade we built that night.  My brother would be under the tree fort with his  100 , accompanied by Logan who was using my  CPS 1000.

The next morning around 6:00 A.M. we woke up.  We did not realize that an enemy raiding party had come in the night and dumped our water supply out.  After breakfast our reinforcements arrived.  Our force was strengthened to 9.  We had 1  SS 100 mk2, a SC 400, and SC 500, a Speed Loader 1500,  CPS 1000 , 2 squirt pistols, a hose and around 50 or so water balloons and flour bombs.  As you can tell we were very crudely armed, compared to the enemy.  The enemy had: 1 CPS 2000, 2  CPS 1000s, 1  XP 110, 3  XP 85s , 2 SC 600s, 2 SC 500s, around four squirt pistols and about 50 water balloons.

v1 battle map pt1We had waited for about an hour when we heard the screech of rockets bursting in the air, our greenies went nuts screeming the British are coming for some stupid unknown reason.  Suddenly a boy with a  CPS 2000  escorted by a man with an  XP 110 came out of the brush about 1/4 a mile from our fort.  They had to cross a big field to get to our fort.  I was out scouting at the time, I got off 1 good shot at them before I retreated.

v1-battle-map-pt2As soon as I got back I was stationed at the corner of the house about 75 yards from the fort.  Suddenly blood curdeling Rebel Yells pierced the air about 13 Vermin emerged from near the road.  I sniped their leader, but was forced back by numbers.  As they charged Viper’s mom threw a waterballoon and hit the enemy General.  They suffered heavy casualties as they advanced, but forced us back.  Then they split up and fought in chaos, similar to the battle of Shilo.  There were three of us near the deck, me with the SL 1500, Viper’s dad with waterballoons, and a friend who came from colege to be here using a hose.  A girl armed with dual squirt pistols attacked, and was v1-battle-map-pt4thuroughly drenched.  DRENCHED WENCH.  We slaughtered them, but around the fort was a different story.  They had their best people there, and were masacering our greenies.  Hellbringer fought them off as best as he could with his 100, and Patriot then a greenie using my CPS 1000, Viper was using his 500 in the fort, along with two girls that are unoficial members of our team using squirt pistols and waterballoons.  The man with the 110 forced his way in the fort, Hellbringer knocked down the ladder, so he climbed the tree to get in.  They climbed in, and were greeted with flour bombs which suprised them.  Viper jumped from the fort, abandoning it to the oncoming Vermin.  Their leader shouted “Where’s Daniel?”  trying to find our leader to pay him some respect in ounces of water.  Viper shouted “Right here!” for he was next to him, and the enemy had on sunglasses.  He blasted him with the 500.  His other light artillery had on a Darth Vader helmet, and was blasting with his’ 1000.  I ran up with a 1 gallon jug of water and emptied it on his head.  Chaos ensued and the end was a demoralizig defeat for our team, but the last defeat.


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