Youth Group Cookout

Location: Clayton, NC
Number of Participants: 25 people
Type of Battle: Free For All Soakfest

After the Vermin War we all went home happy, and wet.  Ok, so that is a huge lie.  We were pretty upset about losing the war.  Either way, the next day we had another battle.  My Youth Group was going to have a cookout and a big battle; which was surprisingly cool to me.

So, I arrived, as did Gunny who had missed Vermin War I, and also the Leader of the Vermin, whom we shall call Chevy for I don’t have his permission to use his name.  It was at Viper’s house, just like the war had been.  There really wasn’t much teams, but us pros joined forces and soaked everyone who attacked us (Chevy, Viper, and I).  The pump on my CPS 1000 had snapped in the battle on the day before, so i had my brother’s SS 100 mk2.  Viper had his trusty SC 500, and Chevy had his favorite CPS 1000 and trademark sunglasses that he had worn in the Vermin War.

We went around soaking everyone, nobody stood a chance.  Then Our youth group pastor jumped out of the bushes with a Blue and Yellow SS 30.  He fired it like a machine gun, pumping and firing.  This was what inspired me to get a 30 of my own.  Though we creamed him, he did fight well.  Then Gunny ran around at us with a XP 85 and shot at us.  We ran after him around the corner into an ambush.  A few people were waiting, including a girl with the hose who soaked us.  We got it back, and I dumped the 100 bottle on Gunny’s head.  It was really fun, and was the only battle I have ever fought on the side of the Vermin General; who made the battle more unique to say the least.  Anyway, it was fun.


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