Training at Daniel’s

Location: Clayton, NC
Attendance: 6 people (3 vs 3)
Type of Battle: Team Soakfest

It was a training day, and a few of Red Scorpion’s members had gone over to Viper’s house.  After training vigorously for two hours we encountered some hostile troops that wanted to battle.  Warmachine had a Storm 2, Hellbringer was using an XP 310, and I had a XP 270 and SS 30.

We prepared to battle, and formed a plan.  Warmachine and I plotted.  We were hiding behind a huge tarp planning.  Then we headed out to battle.  I crawled through a long trench covered by tall grass and shrubs.  Warmachine and Hellbringer ran down through the field to attack them head on. They were hiding at the end of the long trench surrounded by high foliage.  Hellbringer and Warmachine got into their range, and they fired.  Hellbringer and Warmachine counter fired.  I then outflanked their right side and came up right on them undetected.  I soaked them with my XP 270 and SS 30.

There were three of them, armed with 1 CPS 1200, 1 SC 500, 1 XP 65, 1 XP 70,  and 1 Ice Shot.  We forced them back into the woods.  I chased them down, but was repulsed by a CPS 1200 and XP 65.  The CPS 1200 user set up a hideout to cover his teams retreat.  We headed to the woods to battle, but encountered heavy fire from the CPS 1200 who had dug in behind a grove of trees.  We charged again and he fled.

Warmachine ran into the rest of the group.  He was surrounded, and dueled it out with his Storm Tsunami Force 2.  Warmachine dodged a shot, then counter fired hitting both hostiles.  I came in with my XP 270 and annihilated them from behind.  Hellbringer fought on with his XP 310.  They ran back down to the creek in dense undergrowth.  We stopped our pursuit as they had left the area mauled.

Ten minutes later we looked back, they had taken our fort!  We ran up and formulate a plan.  There were many things to hide behind in the area.  Each of us crept up and sniped them from dfferent places.  They were running low on ammo.  One stuck a squirt pistol out the window and fired, actually hitting Hellbringer 3 times.  In the end they gave up and surrendered.


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