Battle of Little Creek

Date: 1 PM to 9 PM Wednesday June 7th, 2000.  10 AM to Noon Thursday June 8th, 2000.
Location: Clayton, NC
Number of Participants: 8 people (3 vs 5)
Type of Battle: Team Soakfest

Day 1

Viper and I were entrenched on the bluff side of Little Creek, waiting for the enemy to show up and attack.  I had my CPS 1700 ready, and a couple waterballoons were lying at my feet.  Viper had his SC 500 and also a few waterballoons.  We each had on camo fatigues and were well hidden by Privvet bushes all around the bank.  An enemy sniper was soon spotted and we picked up our guns.  The ssharpshooter had an XP 105 and was wearing a windbreaker and T-shirt.  I had my CPS 1700 on 5x and took aim once he was in my range.  The sharpshooter ran around the main bike path and hid behind a tree.  Then he showed himself and fired his XP 105 at us.  We ducked and fired back, grazing him on his right side.  Viper stood up and yelled a warcry as he threw his water grenade at the enemy; the grenade exploded harmlessly on the tree.  Mine didn’t fare any better.

We decided to attack him from his flanks where there was no cover.  Viper crept around the side of the path and got to the creek bed which was shallow at this time of June.  It was about a foot deep and 5 feet wide.  Viper waded across unnoticed as I kept the enemy sniper under fire.  I then crept on the other side of our defences and took shelter on a tree leaning over the creek.  I lined up my gun and pulled the trigger.  Direct hit!  Just then Viper charged around the side near the bridge and sent the sniper back to base.  Next two more soldiers came down, it was apparent that they lacked a plan, and they were routed by our fire.

We charged at them as they ran up hill trying to escape us.  I turned the nozzle setting to 10x and blasted them.  Just then another enemy member charged at us to cover his teamates’ retreat.  He was carying waterballoons, not much of a threat; so I thought.  Who I was facing was actually an expert grenedier, and the person that would join our team as an expert mechanic and tracker (Gunny).

Hefting a huge party balloon filled with water he hurled it at us barely missing the both of us.  It hit the ground right in between and saturated our legs.  I fired, and hit him in the shoulder.  He pulled out another balloon this time smaller.  His shot this time found its mark, hitting me in the knee and soaking me waist downward.  We pushed him back with our guns and he fled.

By this time the others had regrouped.  A grunt with an XP 150 attacked our flank and surprised us, who were vastly outnumbered.  He hit Viper in the chest.  Then Viper turned around, dodged another blast and soaked the guy with his 500.  Viper dodged another shot, but the grunt was closing in n him.  So Viper took up off to the top of the hill and to the deck with the XP 150 user behind him and his gun at no water left.  Suddenly he tripped and fell, cutting his knee.  The guy stood there hosing him with the XP 150.  I ran over and blasted him with a 5x beam that sent him backwards.  The guy fled.  I helped Viper up, and he cleaned the wound and bandagded it before the next wave of the enemy attacked.

We were reinforced by Psycho with his XP 150, making it 3 on 5, more even now.  Psycho and I went out on to Mueller drive to scout out the enemy.  I got a visual of the area with my binoculers while Viper scouted the rear, and Psycho scanned east.  I spotted the enemy forming on the side of a building resupplying and getting organized.  Two minutes later they attacked.  Psycho blasted them with his XP 150, I hosed down with my CPS 1700, and Viper intercepted a scout and butchered him with his SC 500.  It was super soaker murder.  Viper ran down the scout who had a XP 270.  Then he dodged the guys blasts and hosed him from about 15 feet off.  The scout fled and Viper persued him at top speed.  I wiped out the grenadier and a sniper with the XP 105.  Psycho charged into a column of two grunts with his XP 150.  They were using XP 310s.  Psycho ran around them ducking and weaving, then pulverised them with 2.5x blasts from the his XP 150.  They fled backwards and we chased them soaking on.

The enemy was reinforced with a grunt/light artillery using a CPS 1000.  I was almost out of my CPS 1700.  I put it on the road, and pulled out my XP 105 and SS 30.  I dodged a 5x beam and closed in saturating the hostile with riotblast and a classic SS 30 shot.  She turned around getting soaked and pumped her CPS 1000 full pressure.  I charged my guns and aimed.  then she turned around…BAM!  Her CPS 1000 fired into my face at full pressure pushing me back.  I regained myself and soaked on with my XP 105.  Viper came around and we teamed up and pushed the rest of the enemy back while Psycho was persuing the XP 310 users with his XP 150.  By 9:00 that night they had been pushed back from the neighborhood area.  We camped out that night.

Day 2

The next morning we ate breakfast, and got ready for battle.  The enemy didn’t show until 10:00 and they were angry, yet there wern’t as many people as before.  We took them on for an hour more.  We pushed them back again and won the battle.  Afterwards their grenadier bacame a member of our team.


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