Vermin War 2

Vermin War II
Date: Sunday, October 1st, 2000
Location: Clayton, NC
Attendance: 30 people (10 vs 20)
Type of Battle: Team Soakfest

After last years defeat at the hands of the vermin, (our enemies).  We would not let them beat us again.  We decided to change our army from a lightly armed assault group to a medium armed commando squad.  The first step was to get new weapons.  We reloaded with a CPS 2700, 1700, 1500, 1200, 1000, XP 310, XP 250, XP 150, XP 270, and 1 SC 500, XP 105, SC 400, Storm Force 2, 2 SS 30s, an ice shot, and a few squirt pistols – more weapons than we had people. In fact, most of us bought and carried more than 1 gun.

After Church, and lunch we went to my friend’s house to get ready.  We brought two people over also.  Once their we filled our guns up and waited for all the troops to arrive.  After half an hour, only one more soldier came.  This was upsetting because we only had ten troops out of our thirty come.

We were to attack the enemies tree fort.  It was situated behind my friend, (on the other team)’s house.  We drove down the road about a mile, then came to a neighborhood.  We drove down the road to a koldsack.  We got out of the two vehicles.  Their was a path at the end of the road.  My squad decided to take it.  The other squad went back up the road and down another road to the house.  After going across the backs of people’s yards and skirting the edge of the woods we arrived.  We halted at the edge of the woods.

I peered through my binoculars at the enemy.  There was around twenty-five of them, armed with averything between an  XP 55 and and  CPS 2500s.  We saw a scout with a CPS 1500 looking for us.  Suddenly he saw us; he came over at us, thinking that it was our whole team.  The person who was taping the battle followed up on the action.  He came a little closer then we fired.  My CPS 1700, my friend’s XP 250 and my other comrade’s  XP 310 all fired.  He was instantly soaked.  Our other comrade, a scout with a SC 500 went around the back were she encountered a scout with an XP 70, and a sniper with a CPS 1000 .  We charged the scout with the CPS 1500.  He stood his ground and blasted me in the face.  I pumped and blasted again on 5x.  He started to fall back.  I shot him again with my riotblasted XP 105.  Since he had it on 10x he wasted his water and ran back to the fort to fill up.

The Tree Fort was around 10 feet off the ground.  It had a ramp going up to it.  However the top of the ramp was a drawbridge, and it was lifted up to cover the open area to serve as a door.  There was no real way to get up unless you climbed.  Underneath the fort was walled off with tarps about 4 feet high. They had 2 hoses under there, one with a nozzle, and the other with a QFD for their super chargers.

We charged the tree fort.  We were repulsed by the fire of a hose, and four  CPS 2500s !  At the same time the other group charged around the side of the house and slammed into two gaurds, one with a  XP 55 and the other with a SC Big Trouble. They were split into different groups of two.  Viper with his 1200 and Hellbringer with a 1500 slaughtered the Big Trouble user, and Viper’s dad had a 2700 and sniped him.  They pushed back the enemy.  Buccaneer using her 1000 along with one of our friends from church, with a 150, surprised the XP 55 user and overpowered him.  We reformed aftter another assault.  Using our waterballoon we blasted the fort.  Seeing that this was not working I ordered a seice fire, and we regrouped.  All of our troops primed our guns and assaulted the fort.

The heavy firepower from around twenty guns, mostly CPS or high XPs repulsed us.  The ramp that led up to it had the top boards taken off.  No, the top was a drawbridge.  I ordered a halt to the fire, we were low on ammo.  I got out a two liter bottle and refilled my 1700.  We attacked again.  this time I got up on the ramp, my guns blazing.  The scout with the 1500 grabbed my riotblasted XP 105.  Our leader shot him with his CPS 1200. I managed to get it off.  Then climbed up the railing the rest of the way.  I turned around and blasted him.  The rest of my troops were then coming.  All of a sudden I felt the sting of two CPS 2500s on 10x hitting my face.  I fired back blasting him.  All the while I was pinned down up there, trying to open the drawbridge with my knife.  I decide to climb into the window instead.  My 1700 was out so I blasted away with my squirt pistol till I was out.  Two more of our troops got in.  I got out my trusty 99 version of the SS 30.  Me and my three friends one with a XP 250 another with a Storm force 2,and the last witha SC 500 soaked them.  I nocked over their water supply.  After ten more minutes of intinse fighting it was over.  Victory!  We had avenged our loss last year, even though we were outnumbered 2 to 1!  Afterwards we grilled out.


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