Tribulation Mod (for 1500s and 1700s)


Objective: To make the ultimate close range, night fighting, and ambush gun.

You Will Need:
A CPS 1500 or 1700
Party Balloons or Helium Balloons
AN LED Maglight or other High Power Flashlight
Black Duct Tape
Black Spraypaint
Epoxy or JB Weld

Capacity Max Output Max Range Shots/Tank
Before 100 oz 10.5 oz/sec 45 ft 4 full, 26 bursts (+1, 8 filled & charged)
After 175 oz 30 oz/sec 25 ft 7 full (+1 filled & charged)

You have probably heard something before about this weapon.  Now I’ll tell you how to construct it.  Basically Tribulation is a CPS 1700 that has been so modded its almost a new gun.  This includes pressure mods, capacity mods, and nozzle mods, not to mention cosmetic mods.

Step #1: Dissassembly
Use your Phillips Head screwdriver to disassemble the gun.

Step 2: Check Valve Removal

Step 3: K Mod
I used 50 balloons.  directions.

Step 4: Saw Off End of Reservoir
Right before the strap hook towards the end of the gun.  It is easier to do this when the gun is not taken apart.  You will need to make sure you make your cut before the reservoir changes its shape at the back to form a circle.  This will ensure a snugger fit for your reservoir addition.

Step 5: Cut 3 L Soda Bottle
Take a 3 liter soda bottle and cut it 2/3 of the way towards the top before it starts angling to the cap.  Get some plastic epoxy and coat the section of the bottle that will be inside the reservoir.  You will need to insert the 3 liter soda bottle into the reservoir with open end meeting open end.

Step 6: Epoxy 3 L Bottle to Reservoir
Once it’s inside you will need to apply more epoxy on the outside where the bottle and the reservoir meet.  I wrapped duct tape around the plastic bottle to make it more durable since it’s not nearly as thick as the actual reservoir (especially the CPS 1500).  I advise that you do that although it’s not essential.  That reminds me, the only difference between the 1500 and 1700 besides coloring is that the plastic on the 1500’s reservoir is thicker.

Step 7: Saw Off Nozzle
Cut off the orange nozzle cone thingy.  I just did a cut on the top and was able to peel it off.  After you do this you’ll see the nozzle selector exposed and you can unscrew it.  After that the nozzle size will be about 10x.  However, you can cut the rest of the orange/black part off all the way down to the white part right where the screen is.  Saw this off but be sure to leave the screen in tact.

Step 8: Spraypaint Black

Step 9: Add LED Maglight
Good for finding your way out on to the battle field and or blinding your enemy.  Don’t use this during the actual fight as it will reveal your position.  I added this using duct tape, but in hindsight I wish I had lashed it on with rope.   Aim for the face and flick your light on. It will temporarily blind your opponent, disorient them, and completely destroy their night vision. Blast em and turn your light back off.
Congrats!   You’re finished!


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