Vermin War 3

Vermin War III
Date: April 28th, 2001
Location: Clayton, NC
Attendance: 17 people (9 vs 8)
Type of Battle: Team Soakfest

First Battle
“Psycho” JoshBy 10:45 most of the army had assembled.  After teams were picked it was desided that I leading one team had people with (in order of main weapons) CPS 3200 (1), CPS 1200 (3), SS 100 mk2 (2), XP 85 (1) versus a team with CPS 2700 (1), CPS 2500 (1), CPS 1500 (1), CPS 1200 (1), XP 310 (1), SC 600 (1), XP 270 (2).  We had a base set down near the creek located off a path away from a faucet; they had the tree fort.  In the first action Water Rat with a CPS 1200 and Black Hawk with a XP 270 came down to raid our fort.  We had hidden ourselves along the path in nearby undergrowth and brush.  As they came down the hill we set up a mouse trap trick.  Psycho with his 1200 and 100, and Hellbringer with his 100, 175, and 400 were the bait.  They came charging downhill after them.

We ambushed them from the bushes and surrounded them.  I had my painted CPS 3200 and blasted them from about 18 feet away, then I charged in with my NI SS 40 for close up warfare.  We slowly pushed them back, and sent them back to their base.  As we did they regrouped, and brought down the team leader with his CPS 2500.  Hellbringer with switched to his XXP 175 for close quarters and took on Water Rat; Psycho (in the picture to the right) sniped Blackhawk with his SS 100 mk2, and then blasted him with his CPS 1200.

I had a personal dual with Logan, their team leader.  We hada few words earlier on which was better, my 3200 or his 2500.  I dodged his 5x blast and sent a 5x beam back at him slashing him as he tried to dodge.  They retreated up the hill, and we persued to the top of it, not wanting to get entangled with their whole army.  We went back to our base and regrouped.  I had switched to my NI SS 25 in the proccess, seing that the other weapons were in need of pumping, and I didn’t have enough time.

During that episode I captured an XP 220 from Blackhawk.  Hellbringer and Timberwolf went out on scouting trips to locate the bulk of the enemy army, Hellbringer used his SC 400 for scouting, and Timberwolf a Storm 750.    As they did so Water Rat unleashed many attacks on our base alone, Psycho’s sister had sniped him with a her brother’s SS 100 mk2, and changed to a CPS 1200 when Water Rat got closer.  She jumped off the high tree and Psycho unleashed a powerfull CPS 1200 5x beam on Water Rat.  He responded with pulsating blasts from his CPS 1200.  I saurated him with a 20x blast.  Then he charged in trying to get to our water supply.  We repulsed him, and he ran out of water, and had to refil.

Now we decided an offensive strategy.  We had to take the fort.  I organized our team together while half of their force was refilling.  On the given command we charged up the three different paths that led to the fort and took it by storm.    I climbed up the ladder and got in.  Stupid enough they had not posted the door up.  We took the liberty of this and got in, then we put it up vowing not to suffer the same mistake.  At this time Psycho’s girlfriend Emily had arived, and so had Backguy.  She was a veteren of all previous Vermin Wars.  Backguy took position in the Palisaide with his XP Backfire and SS 30.  Emily was allowed in the tree fort to get away from the enemy and give us more soldiers in the fort itself.  We heald out ’till lunch when we feasted on hotdogs, chips, etc.

Afterwards we got back in, while I got food coloring to shoot at the enemy team.  The enemy had reformed with some reinforcements.  When they attacked the tree fort they literally surounded us.  We were under hail of water from all sides.  Bushwacker charged the palisaide but couldn’t get over.  He blasted Backguy with a 10x shot from his CPS 2700.  Backguy shot back with his XP Backfire, but caused minimal dampness.

During this time Water Rat scaled the fort ladder.  We had filled our guns with green or red food coloring.  Emily blasted him with green food coloring in a XP 270 while Pshycho’s sister shot him with red from a CPS 1200.  I was more concerned with a force attacking the front of the fort.  We repulsed many more attacks, but drew empty on water.  I decided one last shot to end on a high note before I went to refil most of our guns.  I took out Tribulation my moddified CPS 1700 and primed it.  The kids in the fort began chanting “tribulation!  Tribulation!”  Water Rat poked his head over the wall and I fired…Instant drenched.  He lowered down the ladder, I had it pumped up again.  The Tribulation sent down a huge beam with a diameter the size of a baseball.  He let go and ran for his dry life.  I jumped over the wall with a XP 110, CPS 1500, CPS 1000, and Storm 2500 to refil.  On the way back I attacked Water Rat with the XP 110, regarding its remarkable power at medium range.    I then handed the guns back up and we proseeded to fight.  I had to get down to refil alot.  At the end of the battle Water Rat and Black Hawk had broken thru while I was away, though my team was pushing them back.  We had captured and heald the fort

Second Battle
A little later a few of us got tired of sitting around.  Patriot and I rounded up the people still interested in fighting.  The teams were Water Rat, Patriot, and I versus Hellbringer, Bushwacker, Gordon, and Backguy.  We took position of the heights.  We decided that an en Masse defensive formation would work best, because we could mass our shots, while firing down hill; though we made a big target.  Helbringer led the way with his SS 100 Mk2.  We opened fire downhill, and pushed him back.

They regrouped and all tried.  Bushwacker attacked the right flank, but was pushed back.  He  couldn’t get up the hill fast enough with his CPS 2700, and was being pinned down by Patriot’s CPS 2500 all the while.  Hellbringer attacked the right, while the rest tried our center.  I soaked Hellbringer, however he was able to get up the hill and snipe our rear with his 100.  Water Rat charged him while I destroyed Backguy and Gordon who were using a XP 110 and XP 85 versus my CPS 3200.  Hellbringer fell back, but had gotten a few acurate shots off at Patriot who was trading fire with Bushwacker.  By this time Bushwacker had dropped back and set his CPS 2700 to 2x for longer more acurate shots, and was harrasing Patriot from long range, though he was able to thurouglhly drench Bushwacker who couldn’t dodge fast enough.

The enemy reformed at the base of the hill.  We charged downhill all firing on 5x.  Backguy and Gordon ran, and Bushwacker couldn’t run fast enough.  Hellbringer was stuck fighting off 3 CPSs with a SS 100 mk2.  They all ran towards the road where we followed.  We pushed them to the edge of a ditch, and saturated them.  They regrouped and used the ditch as a trench, we traded fire back and forth, each team not wanting to attack te other.  Suddenly they crept out and had surrounded us.  Gordon took our rear with a XP 110 while the rest marauded our flanks.  We were pushed back to the top of the hill, where we stayed and formed a three man wall.  The enemy was at out front, all except Backguy who was really a pesk, and caused little damage.  We fended them off, and then got a rest where we pumped to the max.  The enemy had a ditch to their back, and a steep hill to descend from.  We took advantage and charged down Malvern Hill blasting away.  They panicked and couldn’t get down fast enough.  I chased Bushwacker with my 3200.  He couldn’t run under the weight of the CPS 2700.  We screamed out the Nexan Warcry “TAKE NO PRISONERS!” and continued in persuit of them.  I ran down a few of the enemy and drenched them.  The result was a rout in our favour.

The Mud War
After the battle for Malvern Hill many of the troops headed down to the creek behind our house.  They built mud bombs for no preticuler reason, and were putting mud in the chinks on the small bridge.  A couple of us decided to perform a raid on these “mud brothers”.  It was Logan aka Patriot, Water Rat, and me.  We at first had CPS 2500, CPS 1200, and CPS 3200 in order of people.  We split up and took three different paths down to the creek.  I got within range and waited for my teamates to come down.  Logan got in ot position on the opposite side.  Just then Bushwacker who was making mud bombs spotted Water Rat’s bright yellow CPS 1200.  “Their coming, get some mud!” he shouted.  I engaged their left flank and poured water in bursts on them with 5x streams.  They responded with mud and sand bombs which most flew harmlessly by, but some more deadly caused great damage.  Patriot opened fire on them from long range with his CPS 2500 and Water Rat rushed in with his 1200 and stomped on a couple of mud bombs laying on the bridge.  The other team responded by coating him with mud and sand.  I fended most of them off until we had to refil.

On the second outing we walked down the road that crossed the creek further down.  Then we embarked down a trail and into the creek bed.  We waded thru the water and crossed over large granite boulders in the stream.  The trees and thick folaige hid us from being seen.  Once again however, they spotted Water Rat’s CPS 1200.  We quickly decided that he and Patriot would go back to the road and attack back down by the path while I snuck around their back undetected.  After 10 minutes of wading, running, and hiding I arived at my destination.  By this time Patriot and Water Rat were already engaged.  I came up behind Hellbringer and the 4 other “mud brothers” and blasted away at him on 10x.  I saturated them, then charged on 5x.  I was pelted with sand and mud, but proseeded in making mud puddles out of them.  After 4 more engagements we stopped, our guns were getting mud in them, and it was getting old.


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