Storm vs Super Soaker

Location: Clayton, NC
Attendance: 4 people (2 vs 2)
Type of Battle: Team Soakfest

On the first day of summer vacation our neighbor Patrick (codenamed Backguy) got a Backfire to go with his 30.  We had a battle, I didn’t bring my 1200 so I used Marauder’s Storm 750; he used a Storm 2500.  Hellbringer used a Super Soaker Super Sharger 400, and Backguy used his backfire.  I think he actually shot Hellbringer with it on accident.

We got on one side of the creek.  They came down the hill, and we opened fire.  I soaked Backguy while Marauder dodged Hellbringer’s 400 and slaughtered him.  Then I krept to the side and sniped Hellbringer.  We triumphed with minimal dampness.  Storm beat Supersoaker, though I still prefer my Supersoaker 1200 to Marauder’s Storm 750.


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