Vermin War 4

Date: June 7th, 2001
Location: Clayton, NC
Attendance: 11 people (up to 5 vs 6)
Type of Battle: Team Soakfest

This I can say was my favorite battle of any I have ever been in.  It wasn’t the largest, though by no means was it small.  I found that a select group of devoted individuals that fight as a team can defeat a foe more than twice their size.

Before the battle was set up we took the enemy’s flour bombs and gotten out the door unseen.  Well, the commander of the Georgetown Rifles had come to the battle, also two of Team X (formerly the Vermin) came.  What I didn’t know was that the two leaders of the rebellion had made a deal with the other two teams.  All of them had formed an alliance against us.  When we found out this discouraged our team.  Two of our teammates deserted, us loosing a CPS 1000, XP Backfire, and SS 30 in the process.  I was left with Timberwolf and Water Rat.  I had called Gunny earlier, and he said he’d show up, but so far nope.  Also we tried to get Viper and Patriot, but they couldn’t come.  Our band of three was well armed though, each of us had a CPS 1200.  We also had Colossus (modified CPS 3200), a CPS 1500 which I used as a main weapon, a SS 200, SS 50, and a Storm Force 1.  I didn’t have time to get my SS 40, SS 25, or Storm 750.  We had a few grenades as well; including: 25 waterballoons, 18 smoke bombs, and 6 flour bombs.  We had our base where the Rebels originally had theirs, seeing that the other team was larger, and that we couldn’t use the tree fort with so few.  Across the path near the fort we laid a piece of plywood with sticks up against it as a barricade.

We decided to make the first move to keep them from taking our fort.  First we hid our backups though.  I had a CPS 1500, the other two were armed with CPS 1200s,  all of us had 2 waterballoons, and I had the smoke bombs.  We went through the woods into my neighbor’s back yard, and attacked through the small area of woods to were they were gathering near my house.  Luckily their was a few of them on patrol so we were only up against 4.  All of us hurled our waterballoons at each of the soldiers, 2 of our 6 hitting their targets.  I gave orders to stay together, and to concentrate on one person at a time.  We picked out a soldier with a CPS 1200 first.  He fired, then we charged and soaked him.  He backed off and left after being fully drenched.  Then we took on their Grenadier, who was causing us trouble.  He threw a few balloons at us, and fired his SS 30.  We chased him off, after about 30 seconds of fighting him.  The other two ran off to get their comrades, and we got back to base with a successful raid.

Each of us took a swig of Pepsi from our bottles in the cooler we had with the waterballoons.  We decided not to hesitate and attack again.  This time I used a CPS 1200, and all of us still had 2 waterballoons.  It was just as much a success as before, if not more.  Timber Wolf and Water Rat chased him around the house, meanwhile I got to the other side and ambushed him.  On the way back to base we were marauded on the way back by a grunt with a CPS 1000.  He got a shot off that hit Water Rat in the shoulder, then my comrades attacked. attacked.  I fired back with Colossus, drenching him.  I laid down my gun, and picked up the flour bombs.  I ran and threw two, hitting him once, then got up behind him while he was under fire and slammed the others on his back.  Then he ran with us chasing.  We raided their fort, and got attacked.  This time the Grenadier launched a waterbaloon which hit Timberwolf in the chest, then he picked up a huge flour bomb and hurled it at Water Rat, where it covered his gun and body.  We retreated with their team on our trail.  they got into our fort, and we fought like hornets to keep them out.

With our guns running low on water I picked up my SS 200 to bail me out.  We threw water balloons and smoke bombs, and fired and fired.  eventually they ran off soaked, but not as much as us.  that would be the first time my SS 200 bailed me out.  Then we decided to change forts.  We took all of our stuff down to the creek up onto a huge mound of earth and vegetation on the opposite side of the creek.  Just then Water Rat had to go.  However, as things were looking grim Gunny showed up with a XXP 175 and SS 30.  Timberwolf and Gunny hid in the creek while I taunted the other team with a XXP 175.  They charged after me; just then my teammates popped up out of the creek and soaked them.  We forced them back up the hill, and they ran off.  The next attack forced us back across the creek, but we pinned them down as they tried to wade through the water and climb up the steep bank of the creek.  They got up to the top, only to be forced back by CPS fire from our 1200s.

After this attack we decided to just run and use the woods as our base, running about trapping the enemy and isolating forces to destroy them as they became confused.  So we ran off into the woods with our guns, I had switched to a SS 200 after my XXP 175 got jammed.  Each of us had on some form of camouflage.  I had on a camo hat, and a camo shirt.  Gunny had a camo hat, army boots, and camo pants.  Timberwolf had on a camo shirt and hat.  This helped us to hide from the enemy.  The enemy came through the woods to get us.  We used hand signals to get up to where they were undetected.  Just then Gunny yelled “FIRE!”.  We opened up fire from our guns, and surprised them.  An enemy soldeir retaliated with a CPS 3200 and CPS 1500, he also caried a SS 30, and 8-10 water balloons.  The shots hit me and Timberwolf.  Then I got a good shot at an enemy soldier with a CPS 1200 Yellow 2000 version, his gun giving him away.  Timberwolf crawled into a thicket of bushes evading the fire of the enemy shots.  Then he took his silver 1200 and blasted the CPS 1000 user that had marauded us earlier at our base.  The enemy retreated through the woods back to my yard baffled and soaked.  This wouldn’t be the first time for that.

We surprised them again, in ambush; but on the way back we were attacked by the rest of their forces.  We all split up to get to the base.  I got pinned down by a CPS 3200, and retaliated with my SS 200.  I then crawled under a few briars and got to the creek bed and took it back to where everyone else was.  We decided to lead them into an ambush.  First, we had to refill.  We took the path through the woods to the side of the house.  There we had a fight over the faucet.  I used my 200 and Gunny his 1200 that he traded to me for the 175 at that time, while Timberwolf was refilling his 1200.  I had to switch guns as my 200 was leaking the power from the firing chamber.  I got a painted SS 100 that I like to use for sniping.  Then the enemy team was rushing us at the faucet.  Timberwolf and I covered gunny while he refilled.  Our team got back to the base We planned another ambush.  This time we were on opposite sides of the path while Gunny drew in the enemy.  However, they never came and we got anxious, so we left.  We headed up to the house and found them refilling, we did a hit and run mission very quickly.  My 100 was kinda messed up so I got a SC 400 that I used the rest of the battle.  We ran back down into the woods to fight again.  Later on an enemy assault cluster came into the swampy area.  We charged into them and soaked them, just then the rest of their team came in, and we moved out.  Looking back I saw the guy with the CPS 1500, 3200, and SS 30 chasing us at top speed.  He caught up with gunny and drenched him, however we got out of their without getting hit other than that.  Then we were out, so we took the path up through the woods and onto the road up the hill that led to my house.

We came in and attacked an enemy squad that had gotten back from base.  We got to fill up before the rest of the team got back.Then he stuck his 1200 down the back of one of the traitors pants and shot him in the butt with his 1200!   We laughed and ran off to the woods pursued by a few individuals who gave up later on the chase. After this we tried to lure their main assault leader into the woods to trap him; for he alone was causing us lots of trouble.

We yelled taunts and called them cowards.  Then, after a good deal of waiting he came into the woods.  We encircled the enemy and drenched him!!!!!  Then we went back to base.  We tried to get them again, but this time I was off as point man.  They said meet back at the Tunnell…I did, along the way I encountered the whole Vermin Army.  I charged across the bridge and got passed…soaked.  Then they weren’t there.  The enemy was right behind me, and I called for backup.  My friends came.  Gunny was on one side, and Timberwolf on mine.  We fought off two waves of enemy attack, then rushed through the center of their force to get to Gunny.  It worked, and we all got back up the road above the tunnel to the Tree Fort.  There we overran a guard, and got in position for the enemy.  They came at us, and we fired then ran down the path to the creek.  Suddenly I gave the order, we turned around and opened fire soaking them.  Then took off.  Sadly Timberwolf took the wrong trail, and we had to go back and get him.

We then headed down to Psycho’s house to refill.  It took 20 mins of hiking through the woods to get there.  He wasn’t home, but we refilled.  Then looking down his driveway to the road where the battle of Mueller Woods had once been fought.  Coming around Mueller Drive and down Hemingway Ct. was the enemy commander.  He was armed with a CPS 3200, CPS 1500, and a SS 30.  We yelled taunts and ran down the driveway at him.  For a long distance battle we’d be dead, so we carefully planned.  It was this… he came at us, but we used the circle of death.  With a SC 400, and two CPS 1200s we slaughtered him.  Then he ran out and had to go back.  We refilled at Psycho’s and headed back through Mueller Woods.  There we reassembled and attacked the enemy team who were drinking soda back at their base.  It was a rout, and the end of the first day of fighting.

Second Day
The next day at 10:00 AM I had a knock on the door.  I went to the front door, and my neighbor, a member of the rebellion team the swamp cats asked me if I wanted to have a water gun fight. I said “Heck yeah.” foolishly thinking the war was over, and went outside with my Storm 2500, just then two other members of his team jumped me with a CPS 1000 and CPS 1200.  I was soaked, but vented my fury on them and war ensued around my house.  I dodged their shots, and hid under the house until they left.I ran back inside, got the phone and began to call for vengance.  Only my friend Daniel came, and Gunny.  Later after we were preparing defence lines they came back.  We scurried up into the fort, and closed the door.  The enemy was in full force, and with artillery!  An MXL rained down water onto the fort.  We had no way to defend ourselves without being saturated.

We had only three against their eleven.  We took turns runing into the house to refill and to talk to Dave, and a few other Aquaticans.  Then we found what to do.  Commander Dave informed us of an article on Aquafire about what to do when your fort is under attack.  I checked it out, and got offline.  After confirming it Daniel got on the roof.  “HEY YOU PUNKS!” he shouted, with water streaming all around him.  Then he pulled down his pants and mooned them.  It was histerical!  He jumped back into the fort, during that time I grabbed a few guns and went to refil.

The distraction had worked.  On the way back they spotted me, and gave chase.  I had seen Patick (backguy) and his sister’s car going back home, but we couldn’t signal them.  I had only one thing to do.  I couldn’t fight them, and could not take them back to the fort.  This was it.  I rushed into the woods hiding the other guns and keeping the SC 400.  They ran after me through the thorns, over rocks, and around tree stumps.  I zigzagged around and a few of them got lost behind me in the woods; though a few others who were as fast or faster than me were gaining on me.  This gave my friends the time to get out of the car, and go get Patrick (backguy) and his friend who was over at his house.  I had come to the end of the path, and was surrounded by trees in the middle of the forest.  In front of me was the swamp where the path stopped, to the right and behind the forest continued.  I yelled for help and dashed into the edge of the semi-swamp with watery mud like mixture up to my ankles.  Running behind a tree I fired my SC 400 at an oponent, and he fired back a SS 100.  I ran further in, and out of the wet marshy area up onto a small hill.  Just as I thought I was cornered I heard “Eulaliaaaa!!!!!!”  (this is our oficial warcry).  Then Gunny, Backguy (Patrick), Daniel, and Patrick’s friend charged at the back of the enemy.  The ones that had trailed me were scattered, and a few had given up.  About seven or so were still on my trail, but were right were the creek meets the swamp.  Our team was ona ridge on the other side of the creek, about 500 yards from where the path ends.  I fired down my 400, and they fired their weapons.  The enemy was stuck in a muddy area under fire.  (they weren’t physically stuck in the mud though).  They panicked, and were soaked as they ran back up through the muddy area to where the path came out at a friend’s house.  They went back to their base, and we celebrated, though knowing that it wasn’t over yet.  They never attacked again that day, but we were all sure it was going to happen again tomorrow.

Third Day
I had all my guns ready in case of an attack, but the enemy waited until after lunch.  I called Gunny up at 2:00 PM and he came over with a CPS 1200.  We got our camo and everything ready, and I got Colossus primed because we saw the enemy forming at the top of a neirghby hill on the road.  We got a few more reinforcements giving us an XP 310 and CPS 1500 as well.  The enemy came charging down the hill towards us.  Gunny and I took position on the road with our guns ready, he traded his 1200 for the 1500 for this part of the battle.  We fired just as they got in our range, and they hesitated.  At this moment our assault leader gave the word and the other two with the CPS 1200 and XP 310 charged their vulnerable left flank.  They staggered, fired a few shots then fled in all directions.  Gunny and I went after the squad leader who was 3rd in command of the rebels.  He ran in the huge concrete pipe that caries the creek between the road and below the bridge.  With thick foliage on either side there was no choice but to go after him.  I got on one side at the top of the pipe, and Gunny charged in with the 1500 on 10x.  It worked, he ran out my end and I blasted him with Colossus right at point blank range above him!  He ran off soaked, and we got the rest of the team.  We celebrated our victory with lemonade and some potato chips.  We planned an all out attack on their base tomorow to end the war, and make our victory final.  Like the day before, everyone went back to their house instead of spending the night.

Fourth day
The next morning I proceeded to make a ship for us.  The creek behind the fort area was wide enough and deep enough for a sort of one or two man barge.  I got two yellow populer (tulip tree) logs and cut them to the right size with my axe, and used my sword for the finer work.  I then put a peice of plywood over them, creating a katamaran type affect, and culked the cracks between the boards.  We took it down to the creek, and fitted a CPS 1200 on it.  It floated well, but we would have to wait until the dry spell was over to be able to sail the whole area.

After lunch I waited for what seemed like hours.  Our scout had never come back, and the Wynfield Brigade was missing.  The elite of our group (The Long Patrol) stayed at my house as we waited, waited, and waited.  Finally we decided to go spy on the enemy base ourselves.  The 1st Ranger Battallion aka Long Patrol of Red Scorpion manuevered through the woods along the bike path armed and ready.  Then our pointman came back with news.  “Its war!!  Timberwolf’s squad has attacked and he isn’t eve there!”  It was crazy, the Wynfield Brigade had attacked without telling HQ that, and didn’t even have its leader!  Now, I will tell you this, we only have two units in Red Scorpion, the Long Patrol which is commanded by me made of the Elite, and the Wynfiel Brigade which was split by the rebel factions, and their commander made the new team because he was tired of taking orders from Viper and me.  So that left Timberwolf in command, who was abscent of this time.  Now back to the battle.  “Give me more details I exlamed.”  He replied, holding his SC 400 to his chest.  They are outnumbered the fools, and the enemy has a hose.”  Now this was really stupid, they had 3 XP 240s, an XP 270, a CPS 1200, and an XP Backfire for main weapons and were taking on the enemy army without backup.  “Listen up.” our second in commander said, “We have to defeat them, or this thing will go on and on and on, which can be good, but school, and other stuff will get in the way.”  It was agreed, we would charge through the woods downhill towards the backside of their base.  They wouldn’t expect it, and we were ready.  This was it, our moment of Glory or as Goats.  “CHARGE!!!!” the sound echoed against a nearby house, and we ran down the hill screaming warcries to startle them.  We pushed back the first few defenders along the driveway back from the wooded area, and encountered their base.  Astonishingly the other Brigade had captured their make shift watch tower which was an old swing set converted into a fort.  However; their main fort was unscathed.  The hose had heald us at bay, and we couldn’t shut it off.  They were almost retaking the watch tower when we pulled in.  My friend Patrick gave a cheer, and rallied the tired troopers with his XP 270.  They formed a defence system around the area, and repulsed two attacks.  Still it was a stalemate, and we weren’t gaining any ground.  My XXP 175 wasn’t really doing that well of a job.  So I put Patrick in charge, and ran up to my house down the road with my second in command.  I ran inside, and got Collossus and a camera.  Collossus was filled and we headed down towards the battle ready.

The enemy was storming the tower as we got down there.  Then out of no where Patrick grabbed two XP 240s and shoved them into his belt, wealding his new XP 270.  An enemy soldeir with a CPS 1000 was trying to get up the slide.  Patrick (Backguy) grabbed a waterballoon and slugged it at him with great success.  Then fired his 270 and jumped off the swing set with two XP 240s leading his soaked gang in a counter attack.  Then I sent our assault leader with another sniper to attack the other side of the enemy.  The rest of the Long Patrol stayed with me.  We had gained momentum, and were ready.  The defenders of their makeshift fort aimed their guns anticipating our attack.  Their fort was made of a few dirt walls and trenches with rocks on the walls, a trampolene, and a few overturned benches and picnic tables.  It wasn’t pretty, but it served well.  We charged them in the front, as Patrick led his people to attack their right side.  I fired Collossus, and soaked the girl with the hose who had previously cause much damage.  Patricks troops were storming the right side of their fort where it was unprotected, but was repulsed by the hose, and a girl with a CPS 1000, and another girl with a XP 240.  The sniper group I sent out with our assault leader sniped a few of their people from the back.  They sent out two of their soldeirs armed with XP 270s to get them.  This weekend their frontal force, and we charged exploiting their sudden weekness.  I climbed over the picnic table and hosed a dude with a CPS 1200 using my Collosuss to drench him.  Patrick’s friend got over the wall and turned off the hose.  The hose user pulled out a XP 240, astonished that her weapon was off.  Patrick and a few others then made it through the right side where there was an opening and soaked the enemy there.  We routed them, and they fled up the hill through the woods, or over the driveway up towards my house.  Just as they reached the pinnacle of the hill our Assault leader and the other sniper ambushed them from the woods on a rocky embankment on their left side.  We charged up the hill behind them, and they scattered.  It was a complete turnaround, and we had won the battle!  I got a few pictures of their base and rout.  Vermin War IV was a huge success.  Later on the leaders of the Swamp Cats asked to be readmitted into Red Scorpion, as well as their troops.  We accepted, but they were all removed of their former ranks, and were privates.  What Vermin war III had not accomplished (ending the breakaway team and rejoining Red Scorpion) had been acomplished here.  It was such a success I can’t wait until Vermin War V!!!!


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