Dominator War I Day 1

Part I

It was Thursday night.  The day before the war.  I went over to my second in command’s house to discuss it.  We figured we had better call the team leaders.  There were four teams involved.  When still in the planning stages, many were still skeptical that it would turn out, but as soon as I got the first flyer out to our team, people saw it was serious, and not just an unorganized, silly little game.  This was war!

First, there was our team, The Water Militia, or the Green Team (because we would wear green armbands) and the second team, the Wraith Team, or the Black Team (because of black armbands).  Two other teams were involved, an all girl team, know as the Blue Team, headed by one of our friends from down the road.  The fourth and final team was headed by a guy named Steve, who thought it would be cool to be in it as well.  So we had four teams.

We called up the Black Team’s leader, Chris, only to find out he was backing out!!!!!!!!  (This also happened to Marauder 4)  He said his sister had to have surgery and he only had 5 people anyway, so his team was out.  As far as we knew, the other teams were still in.  I showed my second in command our newly made map from satellite images.  Then I went home.

Part II

Friday morning came, and the weather wasn’t looking too good.  I prayed that the weather would be nice.  It was misting, and I hoped it wouldn’t get any worse.  It was a crisp 60 degrees outside.  I started to gather up equipment.  I set aside a room in our house next to the kitchen as the supply room, and that where I put the guns, clothes, etc.  Our house is two story and has a nice deck.  The deck hooks up to the kitchen.  This was to be our base.  My mom returned at about 1:30 p.m. with all the food for the event.  I got dressed in green clothes at 2 p.m. and sorted the first aid kit.  At a little after three, my second in command showed up with another one of the team.  Soon more and more people started coming.  They unloaded their weapons in the supply room.  We passed out rank patches, and Greg asked for a sewing kit to sew his patch on.  People also brought tarps, which were desperately need for the sides of the deck, since they were mostly open.  Throughout this whole time, it was still misting.

Part III

We tried to contact the team leaders on the phone, but to no avail. We got our green armbands on and I told the rest of the guys that our S.I.C. and I were heading out to meet the other team leaders at the stop sign at the end of the street at 4:30 to start the war.  Also we were to escort the one girl on our team safely to our base once the war started.  This was our mission.   I grabbed my Xp-150 and we headed out.

Part IV

We made a stop by this girls house that was on Steve’s team and she said that she had stuff to do and wasn’t playing.  She told us Steve’s phone number, but we forgot it.  We had to jog about a half a mile down the road to get to the stop sign in time.  It was still misting heavily.  We reached the stop sign at 4:32 and took a rest.  We saw a car turning the corner.  It was Steve!  He stopped, said he had his team ready at his house, and drove on.  So basically we took that as war.  The Team leader of the girls team lived up the street, so we started walking back, and if she was going down to the stop sign we would run into her on the way back.  A lady in a car stopped by us and asked about the war.  In the back of her car, we spotted a girl with a box that said Monster on it.  (She wasn’t on our team) She was on the girl team (otherwise known as the Blue Team). We talked for a minute then she drove on.   We went to the Blue Team leader’s house, and her mom came out and we discussed some things and then talked to the girl.  We told her we would start war with her at 5 p.m., but that we were all ready at war with Steve’s team.

Part V

Next we went up the road and stopped at the girl’s house that was on our team.  I rang her doorbell and she came out.  We said, “ready?” and she said yes, so we escorted her back to our base, and filled her in on the situation.

When we got back to base, people were still getting ready, and we filled everyone in.  Some work still needed to be done to the base, so that was a priority.  Jeremy, one of our Captains, dressed in camo, went on patrol around our house.  Brian, our demolition Chief, was busy rigging traps.  Kevin and I piled logs against the hose connection for it to be hidden. (It was on the ground and our base was on the deck, one story up.  Two men went on a recon into the forest next to my house to spy on Steve (he lived deep in the woods).   Jeremy, Kevin, and another soldier escorted the girl back to her house because she said she could get supplies.  I wasn’t to sure about it (especially since we had so little information) so Brian and I kept an eye on them to make sure the girl was ok.  Then we headed up to her house as well and talked to the guys that came with her.  When she had the supplies she came for, we headed back down the driveway (keep in mind it was pretty much lightly raining this whole time) I heard a sound, and Jeremy, Kevin, and a third soldier checked it out while Brian and I escorted the girl back to base.

Part VI

First recon team from in the forest came back and then decided to head all the way up the street, opposite the forest.  Soon we heard back from Jeremy’s group that the girl team had 5-6 girls massing at the house of the girl on our team.  Then the girl on our team spotted someone hiding in the bushes.  I then saw them as well.  They had a Monster with them.  After that sighting I never saw them again.  As soon as word got back that there were about 6 enemy soldiers nearby, a bunch of guys on our team immediately grabbed guns and headed out.  We had a scanner back at base and our scout had a radio, because some of the supplies the girl brought back from her house was a pair of two way radios in which one worked.

Part VII

All of the sudden we heard on the scanner, “TWO MEN.”  Then a few seconds later it said “WE NEED TWO MEN!”  We recognized it as the voice of our scout and immediately sent two guys out to meet them.  We head back o the scanner that he saw them.  The just a little later, again we heard, “TWO MEN!” so we sent two more out.  I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but later both sides filled me in.  The girl’s team was up at the house of the girl on our team. (about 5 houses down the road)  Our Assault squad met them started a firefight.  The girls, realizing that they were being overwhelmed, started to pull back, and were going to retreat back to their base a few houses down, when, at the same time, our soldiers returning from the recon were coming back down the road!!!!!!! The girls were trapped!!  When the recon team saw what was taking place, they immediately joined in the fight and returned fire.  With no way out, the girls fought on until they were soaked!!! It was as unexpected as it was beautiful!!!!!!


Soon the girls were completely soaked, so they started suicide charges.  Even though they were wet, the just kept charging (I guess you have to admire their tenacity) and back at base we saw our soldiers running back and saying “their coming!”  So then we yelled either “ATTACK!” or “ALARM!”  Everybody picked up a gun and got to their battle stations.  We secured the homemade door at the top of the deck where steps come up to it, and I manned the Water Machine Gun.  Soon, an enemy soldier came to the back of our base, armed with an XP-110, and obviously completely soaked, but they were determined to return the favor.  A volley of water soon engulfed her, as well as several water balloons.  I started firing.  She started to come up the stairs!  “Uh-oh!”  I aimed right at here and just kept firing.  People soon were all around me, right in front of our door blocking off the stairs, shooting like crazy.  She came right up the stairs but was stopped by the door and the unreal amount water being released.  It was a ferocious assault as she was being mauled by torrents of water.  She came right up to the door, but couldn’t get in due to the door and the insane amount of water being thrown at her!!!  She couldn’t get in!!!  I took the machine gun and put it through the peephole I made in it and started firing it point blank at her.  It was too much for her, and she backed off!!!  When she got down to the bottom of the steps we took her prisoner.  We also captured her gun.  She broke loose, and our men gave chase, but I told them to stop, we had her gun!  Wooohoooo! Our base had held!!!!!!! And we got a gun out of it!!!! (And we kept it for the rest of the war)

Part IX

The first recon team decided to go back into the forest for another try at spying on Steve.

When the Assault group came back, I found out that the girl on our team had gone back to her house because some immature guys on our OWN team started shooting her.  I was pretty angry about it.  I called her up and apologized to her and told her if she wanted to come back she could, but if not I would understand, and I talked to the guy about it, that they can’t do that kind of stuff.   We had a break and there was a small lull in the operations.  But it was a fine time to take a break, fill up guns, dry clothes in the dryer, and take a look at the map.  After a while we broke out the sack lunches and MRE’s and had dinner.  It was still raining.   The first two man recon team with Greg and Collin was still out and had been out for over an hour.  I asked for volunteers to go on a rescue mission.  Jeremy was to head it.  The got ready in about ten minutes.  I went out on the front porch, and looked to my left, and saw one of the men in the lost recon team!!! He had come back, but we didn’t know where the other one was.  Then when the rescue mission was ready to go, we spotted the second guy coming back!!!  He had been out for about 2 hours.

Part X

After everyone ate, I wanted to go on a recon.  Besides, the rescue team was all ready to go.  About this time, the girl came back, which was really cool.  Before we headed out, I told my parents to take care of her and watch the guys.  Then we headed out, with Jeremy leading.  It was actually a nice walk.  Yes, it was still misting.  But playing in the mist is really cool, because it’s more real, more lifelike.   Real battles don’t just happen on a nice sunny days, so it gave us a cool feeling to be out there in the wetter weather.  We spotted the enemy’s hideout.  The house next to it is an ally of ours, so we came up through that yard and hid in the bushes.  Jeremy moved across their driveway.  This other guy and I were about to cross when someone came out of the house.  We had to remain perfectly still.  He got in his truck and pulled out of the driveway really slow.   Then after he was gone, I sent the other guy across, telling him to look in the lighted up garage when the enemy base was. He made it across.  It was my turn.  I started to move, and then someone came out of the garage, and looked my way! I immediately dropped down.  It was a good 150-180 yards away, but I dare not move. I had with my XP-150, Ruthy.  Then a car started up and pulled out of the driveway of the enemy’s house.  They must have going to get the enemy team leader (she was gone for a while to work until 8 p.m.) so after the car had disappeared, I snuck over to where the other two men were.  We hopped the fence into the enemy’s yard.   Then we had to hop another fence because we were in her horse’s yard area.  Now we were next to her house.  We noticed a hose, so we picked it up.  It had an on/off valve on the nozzle.  Sure enough, it was on.  So if anything went wrong, that would be our back up.  She (the enemy team leader) actually worked at Jeremy’s (our recon Captain for this maneuver) farm, which was no more than 5 min away, so we had to work fast.  We quickly snuck up to the enemy’s base, looked around, and found two brand new XP-270s!  We snatched them and went back around.  All of the sudden a car was coming, so we all dropped down behind a bush.   Once it was clear, we ran back to the fence, hopped it, ran to the next fence, hopped it, and we were back in our ally’s yard, we noticed a car in the road, and it was our teams car!!! One of our guys was on patrol in his car, along with several other soldiers around the car.  Once we saw them, we got real excited and ran straight for it.  Then our own team saw us and probably thought we were Steve’s team (he still hadn’t shown up yet) and they started running!  Some ran all the way back to base, but most caught on that is was us.

Part XI

When we got back to base, we held up the guns and yelled!!! It was a great mission that was a total success.  After that I stayed at base.  Two girls from the other team decided to come up to the base.  They were not armed; they just wanted to hang out, because they were pretty much done fighting.  Another girl, one of those girls’ sisters, came and helped fill water balloons.

Part XII

It was starting to get dark (and still raining) One group of soldiers decided to go look for Steve again in the forest.  Here is what begins the forest episodes.  Nobody is sure what all was going on, especially with the darkness of night and the fog rolling in.  They were going for quite a good time.  They decided to play a joke and call for emergency backup when they really didn’t need it.  So the two girls from the other team came down with one other guy and went looking for them in the forest.  They were not armed, but had only flashlights.  As I later heard, the plan was to ambush them to get some excitement (you have to understand, as of now, were the only team playing) Well, when the group saw that they were not armed, they didn’t fire, but instead made strange noises.  Then the girl with a flashlight discovered one of them, and they came out of hiding.  As far as I know, there was another group in the forest as well.  Well, one group came back and said they ran into snipers and other unknown contacts out in the forest (big fib) and so we put the base on alarm and I rigged up a trap at the bottom of the stairs.  Then one guy on our team decided to head out on his own in the forest.  Soon the other guys from the forest came back.  It had been a good time since the one guy had gone, and soon we sent out a rescue team to go find him.  About 10 min after they had been sent out, the guy came back, but now we had 4 men out in the woods.  Soon they called on the radio saying that they were lost (I don’t know if they were joking or not.) they were out there a good hour.  One of the guy on our team who lived down the street got his car and shined his lights at the entrance to the forest, and honked his horn (by now it is near 12 midnight) This went on for a good while until we saw them�coming from the opposite way!  They didn’t come out of the forest, but from down the road.  Well, now that we had everybody, it was time to go inside and settle down for the night.


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