Dominator War I Day 2

Steves House, Part XIII

Next morning, we woke up at about 8:30 a.m.  My parents made us breakfast and we ate in shifts.  After breakfast, we put on new or dry clothes and took a look at our base.  Everything was still intact.  We thought about what we were going to do today.  Maybe go on more recons?  Maybe split our team? Well, before any of that, we had a little something to take care of.  We had a first priority mission: Get Steve!  His team never showed, even though he said he had them all waiting back at his house the day before, and now it was time to pay him a little visit.  This was how it was going to work: Kevin was to be the bait.  He was going to knock on Steve’s door and see if Steve wanted to come out and play basketball. Everybody else would be hiding at different points around Steve’s house.   Once he got Steve out in the open, he would give a signal for us, the rest of the guys in hiding, to converge on him and soak him, then run back to base.   Kevin drew a map and everyone was assigned a location to hide at.

Steve’s house is located on the next street over from our base, and is totally surrounded by forest.  You have to think big here.  In Virginia, the streets are easily a quarter mile away from the next one.   We had quite a ways to go.

Everybody started dressing up in camo.  This was going to be a stealth mission.  We loaded up our weapons and as soon as everyone was ready to go, we headed out.  We had with us about 7-9 guys, well armed, with 3 back on base.  We walked through the field coming up to the forest, then entered the forest and took the left trail towards the next road over.  Once we were almost at the next road, we stopped, and finalized the details.  We would have one group circle around to come up on Steve’s house to the right, and the group I was in was to take the forested area to the left.  We gave the first group about ten minutes, then our group headed out.  It consisted of four guys, Greg, Jeremy, one other soldier, and me.  We made our way through the forest.  This time there was no trail, but we were about 20 ft in the forest, going along a road.  When there was a clearing, we crossed the road into another part of the forest on the other side.  Now we were getting close.  Jeremy and the soldier stayed near a woodpile and Greg and I kept moving slowly through the forest, around his house.  We both had our Monster Xs.

As we were sneaking through, I caught a glimpse of two people standing near his garage.  One was looking right at me!!!! “Hold it!” I said, and we both froze.  It must have been his mom.  She looked right at me for at least a solid minute, and then went on around the house.  Whew!  We were partially camouflaged by the forest, since we were about 30 ft. inside the woods.   There was a small clearing before his house, which was his yard.  It was about 30 ft. deep.  Then we heard people talking.  It was Kevin talking to Steve!  We both spotted them and we moved ever so cautiously through the forest.  All of the sudden, we caught glimpses of fast moving people in the clearing.  The attack!!!  We made our way straight to the clearing, battling our way through the brush, and when we got to the clearing, we froze.  Everyone was just standing there talking!!!

There was a row of bushes about 2 ft. high separating us from the clearing.  Greg and I thought, “What’s going on???  Why didn’t they attack?” Soon there were about 5 or 6 of our guys just standing around talking to Steve.  I could tell Greg was anxious to charge him, but I told him to wait.   We were not hidden, and people could see us.  My second in command, who was standing with the others said, “What are you guys doing?”  We didn’t answer.  We just crouched down there in silence.  He then called another one of our soldiers to come out.  This was not how it was supposed to go.  This went on for about 2 min.  We heard some of our guys arguing, then shots were fired, and they were busy shooting each other.  Now was the perfect time to attack, with a distraction.  I said to Greg, “LET’S GO!!!!!!” and we lept to our feet and charged right at Steve.  Greg was the first to hit him, and then I hit him with my Monster X modified with a 40+ oz. Chamber and a riotblast nozzle.  Steve was, from what I know, totally drenched, but we didn’t stay long enough to find out.  Greg and I were high-tailing it outta there.  We ran back into the forest, on the trail, and found our way back to base.   I was somewhat disappointed that the rest of the team didn’t follow through, but I had the satisfaction of knowing that Greg and I got the job done.

Part XIV

After this we decided to split the team up to make things interesting.  It was about 6 on 6.   So we fired at each other and our group started backing off.  We started walking up the street, with the other team close behind.  When we got more up the street, We didn’t see them anymore, but we spotted one of the guys’ car�he was looking for us!  We hid behind a fallen tree, but he saw us and stopped.  We cautiously walked up to the car and tried to get a few shots in when they rolled the windows down.  Then we saw the rest of the team coming down the street.   We decided to fall back across a huge yard into some bushes.  They were slowly coming up�we prepared to meet them head on.  A huge water fight ensued with everybody getting wet.  I used my CPS-1200 shotgun, and it performed quite well.  Soon, the other team started to run out of water!  They started retreating.  We chased them down a little ways.  We had gotten hold of a hose from the girl team leader’s house (who was now inactive in the war) and refilled our guns.  I wanted to do a quick strike while they were on the run, but they were all ready pretty far down the street.  We sent one man out.  The rest of us decided to go to the house of the girl that was on our team.  We hid out there for a while.  Unknowing to us at the time, she was really defending us and on our side, which was really cool.  Then she told us, and she let us use her hose.  The enemy would send two to three man patrols down the road to find us.  One time they came, the girl went out to meet them and distracted them quite easily.  Greg would be at the front of her house looking for anybody coming down the road.  Kevin, who was also on our side, decided to go spy on the base, which, we later found out, was where they were staying.  His mission was also to try and get a spray nozzle for the hose. When they would sent a few men down to find us, we would always send them back soaked.

Part XV

After a while, Kevin returned, I gave him conver, and he gave me our ewly-aquired nozzle!!!  He also said he tried to steal a huge piece of plywood from the base just to see if he could do it, and then threw it down because they gave chase.  He went back again.  More enemy troops were massing in the middle of the street, and we went down to meet them.  It turns out that the enemy was moving there base because my mom turned the water off, so they couldn’t refill or use the Water Machine Gun!  I went back to the girls house.  Some soldiers from the enemy came down.  One tried to steal the CPS-1200 shotgun, the Terminator.  Another one ran around where we were and hid behind a car.    Soon, Kevin came back up to our base, waving the Water Machine Gun! He had stolen it!!!!  That was pretty rad.  Well, we heard that at 2 pm there was to be a ceasefire for lunch.

Part XVI

So at 1:45 Kevin and I headed down to the original base.  We cleaned up the base area of trash and broken water balloons.  We ate lunch.  More and more people arrived to eat.  We ate on the base deck, and while we were eating, one of the guys from the original team that backed out and one of his friends came and fired on us!!!!  We immediately sent some guys after him.  They trailed him all the way back to his house where he went inside his house and said we couldn’t fight there.  Then his dad came up, and a few of our men had a talk with him, and his dad made him come out!!!  Then our team soaked him.


Around this time, we started cleaning up.  More and people began to leave.  One more guy came, and he had with him a CPS-2500.  So from then on we kind of did a base assault type thing where everybody was just getting wet and having fun.  We started to run out of water, so Jeremy and I went to the front of the house where a water spicket was.  No water.  But wait!!  We snuck inside the house, and filled our guns up in the bathroom tub.  I set my  Monster X on the showerhead nozzle.  We snuck to the other side of the door that opens to the base from the inside, we opened it up and sprayed everybody!!! Then we ran!  We went back outside and caused some more trouble!  Then people on base would let us come up there and refill.  We were not particularly well armed, so I went up to refill, and I also refilled a whole bunch of guns, and then stole them!  That included the Monster X , the CPS-2500, two XXP-275s and others!  After that, we all went up to the base and just had fun getting each other wet.  One guy was getting really wet and so he put a trash can on his head.  I don’t think that solved any of his problems!!!  Two girls from the all girl team were up there too, and they were getting really wet.  Soon, people’s parents came, and many had to go home, so we stopped.

And in the end…

We talked about what was fun and what could we do to improve it the next time.  The DOMINATOR WAR was a huge success, not as much as what happened, but what happened due to what didn’t happen.  We were the only team out of four to play for the entire war.  The only other team was the girl team, which played on Friday.  I admire their courage for going up against overwhelming odds, and not to mention that most of the guys on our team were hardcore water warriors!  Even though there was hardly anybody to fight, even though almost half our own team didn’t show, even though is rained just about all day Friday, it didn’t stop us.  This war was a load of fun, and this war was definitely the start of something great.  I can hardly wait for DOMINATOR WAR II, but first I’ll have to go and buy some bigger guns!


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