Battle of Camp Raven Knob

Date: Thursday, July 5th, 2001
Location: Camp Raven Knob, Mount Airy, NC
Attendance: 8 people (3 vs 5)
Type of Battle: Team Soakfest

Every year our scout troop goes to Camp Raven Knob.  After seeing many people with waterguns there last year I decided I’d bring one this year.  Pyro P is also in my troop, and he has an SC 500.  Thinking he was bringing his 500 I only brought my sister’s CPS 1000, and my NI SS 25.

Not much action happened the first three days of camp.  On Wednesday Pyro P and I went on a scouting mission above the pond at Raven Knob, we climbed the water trails on the hill, and crept along its heights.  We sited only a few other water warriors; only two scouts from another team.  One with an XP Tripple Play, the other with an XP 240.  They were unaware of our position high above the path and even higher above the pond.  We were in rodedendron thickets and rocky areas.

The next day war broke out.  I soaked this kid named Evan.  He attacked me with a rock, and missed.  He charged at me, and I soaked him.  His teamate tried to sneak up on us but my friend Blake, using the 1000 chased the enemy soldier through the woods and completely soaked him.  Meanwhile, I made my way through the woods and ambushed him using my SS 25.  Though my gun was smaller I had the element of surprise, and they fled.  Later on a Redneck with two buckets of water attacked me, I dodged his attempts at soaking me and unleashed a huge 5x blast on him from the 1000 which I had just traded back for the 25.

There was a troop of enemy snipers heading through the back of our camp, and Blake  needed the CPS 1000.  I lent it out to him, and ran from the redneck with the waterbuckets.  I quickly got to Pyro P who was holding a mountain path to our camp not more than 50 feet from where I was with only my SS 25 and some water buckets.  Blake arived to reinforce the area from the scouts we had seen yesterday with the XP 240 and Tripple Play, Evan, and our other victim Jeremy.  I took the SS 25 and headed out where I encountered the enemy artillery who was using buckets of water; but now he had a CPS 1000.  The odds were way against me.

He was in boots, and was a good deal over weight.  I took this to my advantage and went on what I thought was a suicide mission.  I dodged his first blast which was way off, while he was pumping I ran in and got him wet.  Direct hit!…but not soaked.  I repeated these steps several times, and only got shot once.  I realized I was low on water.  I backed up firing and headed to an adarondack (cabin) with fire buckets outside of it.  I dodged a 5x beam, and grabbed a fire bucket.  He backed up to pump, but was too slow.  I dumped a whole two gallons of water right on top of him.  He retreated and I got to refill.

I headed back over to my two other comrades who were by this time soaked.  Blake informed me that they had driven them back, but had suffered sufficient wetness.  They aproached again up the hill along the path.  they could not travel off it because they would be going up hill though briars rocks, mountain laurel, and various other folaige; and they would be easy targets.  While this wasn’t a mountain side, it was a steep hill.  We decided to charge down it and use the terain and gravity to our advantage.  We charged downhill firing and yelling the Nexan warcry “TAKE NO PRISONERS!”  They panicked and fled downhill.  We pursued them and won the battle.  Red Scorpion again triumphed over a larger force, and we had less weapons as well.


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