Winter War 2001

Date: Friday, December 19th, 2001
Location: Clayton, NC
Attendance: 6 people (3 vs 3)
Type of Battle: Team Soakfest

It was a Wednesday in mid December, the 19th I think.  Yet, this was not your standard cool late autum/early winter day in Clayton North Carolina.  It was the day o the final waterwar of the year.  Six Red Scorpion members came, well seven but Tiger offered to take the pictures (thats how we got the charge picture because he was neutral or else they’d have shot him).  Other then that various other people (which you’ll see in the pictures) came and formed their own Vermin Team.

At 4:00 we engaged in the initial plan.  Seperating into two groups of 3 we headed down two paths that parallelled eachother with a good space of about 300 meters in between through the woods.  The enemy was dug in on the opposite side of the creek and were not moving.  Now, the creek is only about two meters wide and one deep, but the banks are very steep, and there is much foliage on each side.  Yet, it being December there was alot less areas to hide.

Big Mike

Squad A under me went down the  left flank on the main path to the creek, while Squad B under Hellbringer took a side path down a hill from Fort Salamandastron along the right flank.  Patriot had not brung his CPS 2500, so aquired Buccaneer (who wasn’t here)’s CPS 1000 for the events (if you look close enough it still has the black duct tape from Dominator War 2).  My squad crossed an ungaurded ford along the creek before the enemy could react and overpowered one gaurd stationed nearby.

While that was happening Squad B rushed down the path with warcries and started a waterfight across each side of the creek.  Squad B was holding the enemy in position while we plowed down their flanks taking out two enemy units.  Yet, we met a stubborn resistance when we encountered a natural makeshift bunker which contained an artilleryman baraging us with CPS fire.

We were forced into hiding because we couldnt knock out the bunker.  Big Mike got shot by the guy and had to sit out and watch.  This left us with a man less, but still with the same number as the enemy.  Pinned down in the drab grey/brown brush of winter we struggled to fire back against the enemy’s constant shots.

Patriot took off, leaving Hellbringer and Black Hawk in a fight to the death with the enemy across the creek.  Coming across the ford to meet us Patriot dropped down into the brush avoiding a shot from a CPS 1200.  Now we made a plan, we would jump up and fire covering Patriot while he ran to the bunker and knocked it out with his CPS 1000.  On the count of three signalling, 1, 2, 3!

Psycho and I popped up giving a good fuesalaide from our assault rifles into the bunker.  Just at that time Patriot took off to the left behind the enemy, rolling over behind a log he crawled towards the back end of their base.  At the given signal Psycho and I charged forward without any waterballoons to hit the enemy from long range, but we fired towards them.  Before reaching the next set of cover Psycho was gunned down by the guy with the 1200.  At that very moment Patriot was lining up the sites on Buccaneer’s modded CPS 1000 for sniping he picked out the guy in the bunker, it wasn’t really artillery, but a modded CPS 1200 that was raining death on our squad.  Taking careful aim down the handel he pulled the trigger, whoosh splat!  That was it, he was out.  Without further ado we charged over the bunker (see picture”attacking through the woods”.  It was easy knocking out the two guys left in the fight against Squad B as they didnt know we had come from behind.
With that settled one guy was left in a trench with his XP 270.  He dropped his gun and cried out that he wasn’t playing anymore raising his hands.  Now, one thing in the code of honor (modded from the original GNG version) states deserters will be treated the same as traitors, and we respect one who fights against the odds rather then  quits.  So with that we took his XP 270, but pushed him back into the ditch (see picture “executing Vermin”).  The picture explains the rest…
The war was fun, it was also the only war I used Kryptonite in; now that I have the pictures scanned I can upload this war story.

How did you miss at point blank range mike?

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