Hosting a War

The first thing to know is to expect that not all of your team will come, I have yet to be in a War where as many, or more then I expected came. Remember if you are a commander to have several plans, when one fails or is not available to use because of several cicrumstances you will have extras. There are three sections of this guide, Starting a war, fighting a war, and commanding a war.

Starting a War

Many people complain about not being able to have large wars like other people, in reality its quite simple. Think of everyone you know who may be interested, many good battles don’t have to be stringent. In fact, make it like a party. The best wars I’ve been to where ones where there were friends, food, and partying. People will want to go if you tell them, “Hey were going to have this awesome battle next weekend, its going to be an all out waterwar, and I’m getting Jenna to videotape it, then when we are done we are going to have a grill out hamburgers and hot dogs and watch the battle on the TV, its going to be real fun do you think you can come?” This aproach is much better then the following: “Hey man, I wanted to tell you something. We are going to have a real big watergun fight on Saturday next week, if you don’t have anything to do do you think you could come?”. Obviously the first sounds alot more interesting and fun then the second aproach. Tell people ahead of time, and if they are younger then 15 its a good idea to make sure their parents know the full details, or that they even know its happening. If your friends are militarstic or are involved in lots of camping and outdoor games you could make it a campout with two teams, and have lots of battles during the night before the main event. Most of all, do not make enemies, unless someone challenges you, or bets they can beat you or your team then do not ask someone to make an ememy team without making sure everyone knows its just to have fun and not to attack eachother. Pick a date thats good with everyone, call around, and if they can go make sure they have transportation. Tell people at least a weak before, nobody likes being told a day before only to know they just were invited to their kid brother’s friend’s birthday party yesterday and can’t tell them no now. If you make it fun, invite lots of people, and stress the fun of it then you will have no problem starting a major war or fun battle.

Fighting a War

When you have been intited to a large water war, or are going to battle in a large scale soakfest the conditions are much different then your average battle. The more competition involved the more fun it may be, as long as it does not get out of hand. Usually if there are predetermined teams and a rivalry it can get your adreniline rushing. Not letting your team down, and having fun while not getting shot is a big priority. One must feel ok with ones surroundings before they are calm. Always remember that the most organized team usually wins. If it is your first time and you are going to a very large battle then make sure you know the rules and conditions, whether its capture the flag elimination, death match elimination, or just a huge water war. The idea is not to get shot, it is so anoying when you have someone on your team who thinks they are all that because they don’t dodge a shot, or temporarily retreat to reform and blast the other team even more. It may boost the morale of the individual, but it also boosts the enemy team’s morale, and weakens your teams. Do not run or surrender, these are worse then wanting to get soaked (which can be suicide in an elimination game). Yet, sometimes you may need to temporarily fall back in order to regroup, or even to lead an enemy into an ambush. Never fight alone unless you know the area, the enemy, and what your doing. It can be suicide to be running around on unfamiliar terain with an XXP 175 trying to make a difference in the overall battle when the enemy is operating in squads (groups of 2-5). If the battle field is very large walky talkies come in handy if you are splitting up. Being apart of a split force can be good or bad, one can cover more area and gather more inteligince this way, but a team is also more susceptible to attack. It is a good idea to split up to find the enemy, then send inteligence back to the team commander and have the whole group merge on a section of them at once. People make a big deal about what kind of weapon to bring. From my experience I’ve found it best to bring as many weapons as possible. This way you can keep some back at the team base, and use the weapon needed for the perticuler mission at hand. For the newbie, or even a veteran who has never been in a Water War it is critical to keep your comrades happy and make sure you all fight in unison. Never get overly tense, and always have fun. Don’t get carried away, but do whats best for your team.

Commanding a War

The first thing a commander needs to do is getting the warstarted, andset up. Next you will need to organizeyour team. It is critical that your team has and knows as much as possible about its weaponry. One good thing in Vermin War I was the night before our Commander’s dad set up a training area where we got to know our guns (we had just goten new ones from the old XPs and Classics we had before). Make sure that if a combatant is not familiar with their weapon that you explain how to properly work it. Make sure your team is together, not necisarily right next to eachother, but in communication. Basicly Commanding a war is a very broad issue we cannot totally paste all the pointers here, but there are so many they exist in seperate articles.
Base Defence
Battle Tactics
Using Overwealming Force


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