Vermin War 6

Date: August 1st – 3rd, 2002
Location: Clayton, NC
Attendance: 8 people (4 vs 4)
Type of Battle: Team 1hk

Training and Preperations:
August 1st, 2002
It was two days before the war would hit Red Scorpion, but we had already set up a training program.  Commander Aaron of South Carolina, had come up for a day and we had been training the team.  We began with some simple night battling eliminations style, and moved onto pyro uses, mainly firework mortars.

August 2nd, 2002
For the first time since the wars against the real Vermin our commander in cheif from the old skool days returned.  Viper brought his SC 500 and we trained like army boot camp, with night battles, sharp shooting, hiding, and more

WAR (Saturday August 3rd)

The loud honk of the horn indicated the start of the war, Viper and I crouched behind the pallisaide wall of our makeshift fort.  Hellbringer and Stalker fanned out to their patrol positions.  We deployed as an assault squad behind the fort and over the small hill through the woods towards the grassy path overlying the pipeline.  We crouched at the opening to the path, looking both ways for ambushes before rushing down the path towards waypoint 1.

Waypoint 1 was the midpoint of the path in the battlefield, a large wooded ridge overlooked it to the left and a metal gate stood out bluntly in the middle of the path.  We stopped and listened for enemy movementon the ridge above us which was covered in trees and dense folaige, then Viper and I took off at a moderate speed crouched down to make  smaller targets.  Then we took a path to the left up the ridge looking each way at the bunkers lining the pathway which advanced uphill.  With no sign of our adversaries we took off on the crest of the forested ridge.  We passed the enemy team’s starting point, but the flag wasn’t there, although  their water supply (a 5 gallon pitcher just like ours) and the starting horn were.  Then to the right downhill we spotted an enemy HWO with a 3200 in the folaige.  Viper and I knew we had both seen him but didnt give him a sign that we did.  Taking off downhill in a zig zag pattern we gave him notice at about 50 yards at the bottom of the hill and to his left, then we charged him from both sides.  The enemy soldier didnt get up fast enough and I pinned him with two shots to his torso tagging him out.

From there we went back uphill to search for enemy units.  Before we could plan our assault strategy Viper sited an medium enemy patrol of a CPS 1200 and CPS 2100.  It was the enemy leader and a gaurd, meaning the flag was nearby somewhere.  They saw us at that moment and ducked down into the folaige on the other side of the path.  Viper and I did the exact same thing we did before, taking off at a moderate walk, and seeing them in the corner of our eyes.  Then suddenly we turned around and I unleashed a torrent of water from my 2100 on top of their unsuspecting backs scoring a hit, and before the enemy could fire back Viper gave the final hit (we were playing 2 hit kills) on them with his CPS 1000.  Victory!  The first round belonged to Red Scorpion.

We took a break back at Matt’s with some gatoraide and refils.  The enemy commander and our seccond in command  got into an arguement of sorts and Viper ended up getting shot by an XP 240.  Red Scorpion responded as if it was war and we all turned CPS guns on their commander soaking him completely.  Then he grabbed his paintball gun and we took off being trailed by angry Vermin with paintball guns and CPS weapons.  Back at base we set up a defence line behind the pallisaide aiming across to the creek bank.  The enemy would have to go down a steep 50 foot ridge through dense forest and over a creek to get to us, yet our range extended to the creek meaning we would pick them off.  Then the enemy apeared with war cries, “I’m gonna repay those F****s back!”  Oh joy I thought, with paintballs wizzing by our heads we took shelter.  Then the enemy team commander apeared on the ridge and pointed a Brass Eagle Talon at us, we stood up straigh even though we didnt have masks on and staired him down with our guns.  Even though this is only a $20 gun getting shot in the face let alone eyes without a mask can result in serious injury.  Yet we fought back mentally, if he got one of us we would rush him and get him before he could get anybody else (his hopper was off thus he had to manually load and cock each shot).  Yet after 10 mins of stairing he took off.  “Red Scorpion bring it on!”.  This was just as competitive as the original Vermin Wars (1 and 2) and at least as violent.

We split up int squads but went on as a pack, meaning squads about ten meters from eachother; and took off down the grassy path behind the enemy lines and went towards the path that went up the ridge from behind.  There was a bunker made with black cloth like material strung between four trees.  There was no sifn of the enemy but Viper warned me not to check it out.  Filled with adrenaline I walked up casually, but before I could shout occupied an enemy sharpshooter with a custom SC 500 sidearm sprang up and nailed me right between the chest.  I fell down by instinct behind the bunker wall on the opposite side of where he was.  My squad had a range battle with him, while I ducked so he wouldnt get me again.  Then Hellbringer and his squad did a flank attack to take out the bunker unsuspectedly coming right behind them.  Hellbringer and stalker took out the enemy bunker with their GNG modded SC 600 custom and Storm 2500, though Hellbringer got shot once.

Just then enemy sniper fire from a CPS 1200 reigned down from the ridge above us, surpise and gravity were against us.  We retreated back to the grassy flats of the path below.  Warcries filled the air as an enemy brigade charged down the hill thinking they had us on the run for good.  Viper and I gave words of encouragement to the team and we all knew it was strategical, just like we had done so many times before compared to this team of newbies.  With the enemy lost we set up a mouse trap ambush along where the creek passed under the path via a huge pipe large enough to crawl through.  The enemy with all their enthusiasm plowwed right into us and a skirmish erupted trading shots.  I popped up, but an enemy squad leader spotted me before I could whipe their flank out with my 5mm custom Constant Pressure 2100.  Viper egged the enemy on with his usual bag of insults, and even though standing in the middle of the fray and leading the front line troops.  Hellbringer’s group popped up from the other flank and poured a volley directly into the enemy rear.

With the sudden turn of events the Vermin were on the defencive battling to get to the rear and taking off to the hill.  Rather then do the exact same thing they did we pursued cautiosly with a pointman.  The remaining opponents were behind folaige, logs, anda  general wall of nature on the high gradient slope of the hill towards the bottom.  With that Hellbringer’s group attacked their right flank while Viper and I tried to pick them off from the left.  The enemy fire was overwealming and we had to try something else, yet this time we were able to make it up behind them.  With them trapped between two lines of fire one would think the battle would end shortly, but they had set up a wonderfully brilliant line of defense.  The time limit soon expired with us so close to ataining check mate yet ending in a stale mate.

We took another break at Matt’s and then headed to the woods.  By the time we got to the base we heard the pulsating sound of semi auto and three round burst Co2 weapons.  A convoy of sharpshooters were soon deployed to figure out what the enemy wasdoing, led personally by Viper and I.  We soon spotted the enemy practicing with paintball weapons on the edge of the battle grounds.  We crawled to within 50 feet of them observing their moves and practices with Hellbringer and the rest of the team 20 meters behind at where the ridge started to steeply slope towards the creek and our fort.  Then Matt came up and fired the horn a sign of alert.  After negotians it was established there was a group of, or a singuler paintballer(s) down at the main creek near the battlefield and had been firing at the enemy team.  No matter how much it smelled like conspiracy it was established at the end that Matt’s dad was testing out his new gun down there.  This was a long break in the war, unecisary but it happened anyways.  Then we got back together and readied for the next battle.

Thirty minutes into the round we heard war hoops that the enemy team had captured our flag, yet no matter what we were determine to anhilate them knowing in a real battle there are no flags to capture, even thogh they had legally won the round.  With that behind us we took off screaming bloody murder and war cries of Eullalia and soak the vermin just like we had in the first two wars.  The enemy team was unready and were inundated in their current flag capture.  Sprinting out I singled out their commanding officer and ran after him with my CPS 2100 vs his CPS 2100.  Viper bolted in dealing death with water to all in his path while Stalker traded shots with an enemy unit to the left.  Their leader took off behing his troops with me quick on his heals, soon I had gained on him and leveled my 2100 letting a burst immerse his back.  He argued that he had hit me before, but I was clearly dry (though I was wearing dark camo).  Stalker was forced to the side and was encountering heavy fire.  Then Viper charged in and clered the way.  Tiger took aim with his CPS 1200 and dropped a soldier carrying a CPS 2100, while Hellbringer ran around the flanks in a ciricle of death using his modded SC 600 with the death logo on it taking out the final soldier.

Vermin War 6 was a very good experience, while not the best battle ever Viper rejoined our ranks as 2nd in command where I used to be with him as 1st in command.  Even though Gunny and Panther couldn’t join us (skateboarding) we still had a good time and Psycho said he would start his own team as well.  With all that wrapped up I’m glad and im waiting til the next war, which is in September on Psycho’s birthday, and then Viper has one planned… and then the big war on my birthday next year.


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