Letter from Speed Loader

Letter from Joel of Product Evolutions (inventor of Speed Loader)

This is the letter I got:


I was just poking around to see if I could find some press for some products I designed and found your site..

Not that you would really care, since they have been off the market for a while, but “Yes Entertainment” did the Speed Loaders originally. they may have sold the line to “Fun Toys” because they were f***ed cash-wise because of a hard hit they took when releasing a personal communicator device similar to a cell phone called “V link”. V link was recalled and tanked and killed the company.

I know this because I worked for the company that Yes licensed most of their products from.. I was pissed when they did not patent my quick fill device and allowed Larami to get in the game.. Oh well.. I was not getting the royalties from it anyway. It would’a been cool to have the product still available on the market though..

Anyhow.. that is what really happened. I know because I invented the speed Loader.. and some other things.. Check the site below..



Tel: 415-331-0655
Fax: 415-331-0755

Product Evolutions
340 Industrial Center Building
Sausalito, CA, 94965

Better Life Through Gizmos


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