Ranger’s Guide

Deploying Special Forces (originally written 9/12/02, revised 8/15/05)

* What are Rangers?

Sometimes regular squads just won’t get the job done in a war. That’s when you need to pull out you ace of spades, your elite. Now, I will go ahead and say this; not everyone will be in a game of this magnitude. These come about once in a while, Vermin Wars, Doinator Wars, etc. In a 15 minute 8 v 8 capture the flag game there really is no need for a sniper, let alone a whole squad of rangers, you’ll probably only need a scout/point man. In those 20 v 20 or larger games with fortifications, patrols, bunkers, and more you may need to send some of your forces on a specific mission. Maybe a behind enemy lines knockout of their leaders or communications base like in Vermin War 5. Either way you will have to select the men for the job, and their rout. Usually, a sniper operates alone, and doesn’t have to call you on his cell phone to ask, “Do you want me to take out the big guy with the CPS 3200, or the short guy with the Max D 5000. Yet sometimes snipers, can work together. First of all though, I want to point out there are more special jobs then sniping. Sniping RARELY occurs in water wars. You heard me say it, all you out there that call yourselves snipers, are more then likely sharpshooters. If you really want to look into sniping I suggest you read my Sniping Guide. Sharpshooters are the first guys on the scene, they give you the most bang for your buck, the biggest punch for pound. They are those guys who can operate alone, but are team players, those who call in long range hits with high powered CPS weapons. The goal of sharpshooters, or rangers as I like to refer to them as, is to get the dirty work done. If you’re fighting in a big war and you need to break through the enemy position send in your ranger squad to flank them and send them running. A squad of rangers can be as little as 2 if your team is small, or as big as 20 or more if you have a huge war going on. The point being, you chose your elite sharpshooters for your ranger squad and send them to break through or bridge critical points and positions.

* Analyzing and Choosing Weaponry

Now that I’ve established that, lets get down to business. First, analyze the mission at hand, is it a hit and run? A raid? An assination plot? A flag capture? These need to be put in your mind first. What is best for what mission varies. You can’t just send out a guy with a CPS 2000, and two 12ks (See GNG’s mods); you have to think things through. Sometimes they will only need a SS 100mk2 apiece and refill tanks. I want to say that the SS 100mk2 is under rated as a Sharpshooter gun. Now, it isn’t the best gun ever, but it has sting, good range (when pre pumped with air), and has so much ammo. It is a good “hold out weapon”. I say this also because if your Rangers are going to be dealing with lots of Patrols, but no direct squads the SS 100mk2 may be your gun. I must add the importance of the refill tanks, the way the SS 100 can use various obsolete weapon’s tanks for refilling. This is a popular thing to do in Red Scorpion. Send out 2-3 guys with SS 100mk2s and refill tanks for hold out guns, and 1-2 guys with CPS 1200s, or 12ks. Now lets get back in the game.
Grenades, do you need them? If you are taking out a bunker the answer may be yes. If it is an open topped bunker it may be easier to lob about 5 grenades at the same time in there then to try to snipe off the guy in there who has a WMG or CPS 2500 or whatever it is. Grenades are good, but special forces don’t really need them for direct battle, maybe for bunker raids though.
Reccomended weapons:
Personally, Red Scorpion primarily uses SS 100Mk2s, Max D 6000s, CPS 1200s, CPS 12ks (k modded 1200s), CPS 1500/1700s, and CPS 4100s for primary weapons. This all has to do with preferences, but I do reccomend those guns. Although most usual squads are set up with different positions I think that your sharpshooters should all have at least heavy assault rifles. Here’s a list of the best guns for Ranger Squads:
Light: SS 100 MK2, SC 500, XP 150, XP 310, Max D 6000, Storm 2500
Medium: CPS Flash Flood, CPS Aquapack Devastator, CPS 1000, CPS 2100, CPS 1200
Heavy: Monster, Monster X, CPS 4100, CPS 1500, CPS 1700, CPS 2000, CPS 2500

* Analyzing and Choosing Additional Equipment

Once again, your equipedment depends on your surroundings and the mission you’re on. Of course at least one person in your group always needs to be carrying a pocket phillips screwdriver for repairs, but I’d also suggest that all of you carry extra water in case you run out. You have two ways you can do this. Either one person in your group is deemed the Ammunition Officer, or each of you carry a little bit for backup. The way you do this is up to you, but I tend to bring along some extra plastic bottles filled with water and keep them in my backpack. If I’m using an SS 100mk2 I’ll carry classic SS reservoirs along because they will screw into my gun.
If you’re in the deep forest you might need a machette. I would not suggest using this if you’re trying to sneak up on the enemy, not only because using your machette is just as loud as trying to creep through the underbrush, but also because you’re focussing on using your machette and not finding the enemy. I also find that a pocket knife and some rope come in handy.
I want to stress the importance of the smoke bomb and fireworks. I have a Sharpshooter in Red Scorpion who goes by Pyro who is our Pyrotechnician. Fireworks can actually be helpful. Smoke can act as a deterrent, or it can cause confusion among the enemy ranks. I must warn you though, do not directly shoot bottle rockets at enemy soldiers, that is not advised, and I am not responsible for any likely damages to gear or people.
As far as clothing goes, once again, adapt yourself to your surroundings. If you’re fighting in the streets and around apartments in the city use urban camo, if you’re in the woods use forest camo that matches the woods around you – remember there are different types of woodland camo. Don’t use sandals, I recomend either running shoes (which I use) or combat boots. Try to cover up your skin so you don’t stand out, especially in the woods. Gloves work well to cover your hands, and camo facepaint is good for your face, but charcoal and ashes works well too… just be sure to clean it off afterwards so it doesn’t clog your pores. That happened to me and I had a bad acne out break! Haha.
You don’t ever want to overload yourself when going into battle. Rangers are to be fast and stealthy. Don’t carry a gun you can’t run with. For some people they might be able to run easy with an MXL or a 3200, but others might not be able to do that. Point being, never carry a gun that’s too heavy for you, and never carry so much equipedment that it slows you down. Only carry the raw essentials. And finally, radios or walkie talkies are a good idea in order to keep in contact with your base, or the rest of your team.

* “Lets Roll”

Now for the initial deployment. I know I said this before, but make sure your Rangers have walkie talkies or some form of communications with you in order to stay in contact with the rest of your team. Make sure your team has a good battle plan, and then initiate it. If you wish, you may also lead it up. If you are conducting this in hostile territory you may want to “leap frog” about. Leap frogging is a popular maneuver with Red Scorpion where one member goes ahead and covers the other to a set location, then the other passes and does likewise, similar to leapfrogging itself. Have designated jobs, have a pointman, someone watching the right side, someone watching the left, and a rear gaurd. That way you know what’s ahead of you and behind you, and you can take out anything in between. In both Dominator War 2 and Vermin War 5 I served as point man, even though in V5 I was commander. Just make sure you still have control of the rest of your team.
Urban Scenario
If you are battling in an urban area, like a trailer park, office complexes, or just around apartments then camo is not an essential, but I recommend greys, blacks, blues, and tans to be worn by all. You can use the buildings as cover, remember it doesn’t matter how well you hide, its all timing. If someone is looking the other way you could take off and silently sprint to the next building, don’t wait until they have passed to run the whole way. Never run a whole entire area, it will give you away, and you are more concerned about your destination and how fast you can get there then any obstacles along the way.
Sub-Urban Scenario
This is a common setting, not that many cars, a moderate amount of buildings and a moderate amount of trees and shrubs. Remember that if they are on the other side of a house you can always ambush a patrol. If the patrol follows a certain pattern then wait behind the corner, when you know they are coming your way have your forces set up and take them out. As I said before, run only short distances in hostile areas, the enemy will more then likely hear you otherwise. Once you have taken out their perimeter defenses home in on your target, if you have to go capture something then do it with alot of planning. Battling smartly and ariving slightly late is better then being unprepared and having more time to be spotted, though generally its better to be early then late. Get to your destination with time to spare and evacuate, but don’t stress it.
As long as you can stay out of hostile territory it is ok for you to run. Once you get there stay down, don’t push it, and eliminate enemy patrols as needed. Use only large trees as cover, don’t count on the smaller ones, enemies can be on different sides so stay down none the less don’t stand p behind it. Always have your reargaurd and Pointman on alert for ambushes. Don’t count on it but watch for snipers in any perculier tress that you think you might use if you were in their case. Most of all stay down and watch for twigs and dry leaves.
If you are going after a flag then this is one time you really don’t need to worry about stealth evacuation. Take out any gaurds, and then grab it and split. They can’t chase you all, and since everyone knows where to meet then you will more then likely loose them. Meet at a general area, not your base just in case they follow you. If you are on an assasination plot, or something similar then use best stealth and try not to be seen. Have an evac tam and a rendezvous point. Make sure you have good cover if you are being trailed. It would be a good thing if you were in some cases, because you could radio in that you are being harassed, and have an ambush set up (greeting party)


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