Divide and Conquer: A Battle Template

Divide & Conquer battle template

Battle templates begin as a story, complete with a plot, characters, etc. They are normally complemented with maps, and end with a tactical analysis. Battle templates are designed to show you how to effectively pull off a certain tactic or strategy. They are meant to be practically used in a real-life water war. Feel free to use and modify them as you see fit.

This particular battle template will show how you can successfully apply the divide & conquer maxim.
The Story

I’ll be right back, Kent,? my best friend, Armand Brazill said to me as soon as he paused the game. I let out a frustrated sigh, and laid my controller down and replacing it in my hand with a Coke. Armand was the kind of guy that thought he could always beat you, and never accepted if you beat him. He always had to win, and no one could convince him otherwise? he got on my nerves sometimes. Oh well, he is, after all, my best friend.

My dog began to bark out on the patio, so I quickly opened the screen door and went to take off his leash and let him back inside the house. As I opened the door, I saw my favorite thing in the whole world: My CPS 2500. The paint was still drying but? Hey wait a minute, I thought to myself, where’s the 1500?

“Gotcha!” Armand yelled. Darn it! He had just drenched my back with a 10x blast. I instinctively ran toward the CPS 2500 while trying to dodge backwards, but I remember the paint wasn?t dry yet. Why did I have to paint it today?

Things went on like that for a few minutes, until I found my old XP 270 in the garage and started recovering lost territory. He challenged me to a bet; he challenged me to a water war at the Richmond Lake nature preserve next Saturday. He bet me $50 (and my dryness and victory record for the year) that he could defeat me in a large-scale water war. I accepted, because hey, $50 in my wallet for having fun, right!?

The next few days at school were like an election. There where ads everywhere you could place them advertising the war, and more importantly, the teams. We had decided earlier that I would lead the Red team, while he would lead the Yellow team. I, being a master at graphic art, had beautifully-designed masterpieces of flyers? Armand had crud. His fliers looked so bad I winced when I saw them. His face-to-face attempts (more like attempt, since I only know of one) where just as unsuccessful.

Uneven teams

The next Saturday, when we where at the nature preserve, the Red team had all gotten into a circle on one side of the large, grassy field just a little outside of the preserve, while the Yellow team had gotten on the other site. It was amazing how much we outnumbered them! And our weapons must have been twice as powerful as theirs! This is going to be so easy.

?So this is the team that?s gonna beat us?? One of my soldiers taunted at the other team, screaming across the field. There where a few snickers from my other soldiers. I chuckled a little bit, too; the enemy team did look pathetic.

A few moments later, Armand shouted back, ?Not everyone is? err? here yet. Be patient.?
?Well, they only have about four-and-a-half minutes to show up before we start,? Nick roared back.

As it turned out, no one else showed up for the Yellow team, and we began at 1000: right on schedule. Upon reaching our base location, I sent out two scouts. Normally, I would only send one, but we did have such a numerical superiority to them. One scout came back about eleven minutes later, while the other came back about seventeen minutes later. Their reports where almost identical. The Yellow team was poorly-everything from weapons, discipline, fortifications, etc. and hence, was definitely going to lose.

Red Tactical meeting

“Alright, guys,” I started the tactical meeting, “I think I’ve got this all worked out. We’re going to divide our team into three unequal pieces with a defense force to stay & guard the base, a main attack force composed of regulars, and an elite flanking force to flank the enemy?? After about three-and-a-half minutes of explaining my elaborate plan, based on information that the scouts reported almost half and hour ago, they decided to go with it after making a few good-quality suggestions.

The plan would run like this: About a fourth of our people (mostly veterans who can?t quite be called elite yet) would stay at the base to guard it. Half (the regulars and greens) would be sent on the main attack force in order to get the enemy focused on them. And then a fourth (the most heavily armed, elite fighters in our army) would flank the Yellow team when the codeword was uttered through the two-way radio (of which the main force and the defense force had) and the fireworks from the base where shot off. I was put on the defensive force.

Blast those “Your mom” jokes!

The flanking force was going to attack on the right side, so it was necessary for them to get to their position (which was already staked out by the scouts about 45 minutes ago) using a wide angle of approach.
“Guess what?” asked Kevin.
“What?” responded Zack.
“Your mom! Ahahah?” Kevin busted out into laughter.
“Dude, shut up!” commanded Devin, “You’re not acting very elite.”
The force that was called ?elite? over in command was currently getting very restless and resorting to immature ?your mom? jokes despite the flanking party commander?s attempts.
?Hey, we?re almost over the bridge, and we?ll be three-fourth?s the way there when we get across? so we?re almost there so BE QUIET!? The commander growled.
?What? Are you trying to take the fun out this ?patrol??? snarled Nick.
?No, it?s just??
He stopped talking as soon as the cool blast of water hit his neck. Several more followed from every direction. The narrow bridge that forced them to walk almost single-file became more of a hindrance than a shortcut. They stumbled for a few seconds, eventually reversed, and began firing potshots behind them and in front of them.

At the end of the skirmish, one Yellow soldier had been eliminated, and all of the Red flanking team was gone? and worst yet, there was no way to inform Command of this? the attack would continue without the flanking force? the bottle rocket would fire, but there would be no ?elite? reinforcements.

Mean while, back at the main attack force. . .

“AHHH!” The sound of a charging force filled the airwaves as half of the Red Army charges at the? surprisingly well-built and very defendable base. What? How many soldiers is that? That isn?t how much they had at the beginning.

The obedient soldiers charged forth and encountered a rain of water as they fired back and threw their water balloons. Skirmishers snuck around the sides with XP 65?s and Max-D 3000?s. The codeword was muttered over the radio, and the fireworks shot off? thirty seconds passed? then a minute. Something was wrong.

Battle of Stalingrad

About four minutes after the fireworks had been shot off, the Red team slowly withdrew. Hopefully, not for good, I thought back at Command. Just as they where regrouping, they where attacked from the side facing their own base! Yes, the same ambush team that had just eliminated the flanking team and just showed up on their flank. The yellow defenders now charged forth, leaving their own base undefended. The main attack force was surrounded?

I gave the order to have the Red Defense force attack the yellow troops, but try not to hit our own. They took a few of the Yellow troops out, before the Yellows formed a five-man rear guard, who impeded our progress as the surrounded troops where attacked by both the former defenders, ambush party, and snipers that seemed to be everywhere, but more than likely there where only one or two Yellows.

NOTE: All members of the Red & Yellow teams are at this battle.

Finally, the remains of the Yellow team withdrew. It was only about a minute later that they appeared on our other flank again. This time, they rushed everything, stormed the defenders, and blitzed the base. The shot heard ?round the world was fired? and our sponge was dampened; I had lost the bet . . .

Tactical analysis

First, I think I need to clear some things up that where not explained very well in the story because of the way it was written. The main attack force and Command had the two-way radios, meaning that the flanking force was isolated. The flanking force had a deadline to be at their position, and they where expected to be there. Then, when the main attack force commander thought it was a good time to have the flanking force come in, he would say the password to Command (using the radio) and they would shoot off a bottle rocket that would alert the flanking party to attack. Eventually, the weak enemy team would be surrounded and drenched.

Armand, Commander of the victorious Yellow team, used three strategies to win: deception, excellent counter/intelligence, and divide & conquer. He deceived Kent, the Red leader, by making it appear as if he was having trouble recruiting. He knew that Kent was very proud of his graphic art because of how Kent always wanted to be a graphic designer. This is backed up in the story. Recall when he says, ?I, being a master at graphic art, had beautifully-designed masterpieces of flyers.? Armand plastered poorly designed ones in bad places, and made them very unorganized and incoherent. He carried out his recruitment outside of the Red team members? eyes & ears, using the Internet, the telephone, and his other friends.

He purposely told some of his recruits to come a few minutes late and to meet him at a different spot than the base. He left the core of his soldiers at the base and went to the secret meeting location. He then proceeded to send out a spy with a two-way radio linked back to him (under orders of radio silence of course), and formed an ambush team. The remaining soldiers went to help set up the base. The scout informed Armand of the two Red scouts coming toward the base.

Then Armand instructed his scout to watch the two scouts and tell him when they where half way back to their own base. He then ordered the soldiers currently building the base to act lazy, undisciplined, unknowledgeable about defensive positions, and weak. Once the scouts where gone, he told them to build the base as quickly as possible.

The Yellow scout had overheard the Red meeting, and reported it back to Armand. He ordered the Yellow ambush party?which had been helping construct the base?to go wait for them at the bridge. The grabbed their weapons and ran off. He then prepared the battle plan and told it to the defense force.


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