Vermin War 9

Date: April 24th, 2004
Location: Clayton, NC
Attendance: 29 people (14 vs 15)
Type of Battle: Team 1hk + CTF

First Round

I checked the time 1:30 precisely, the war was on.  Photehepson (Graham) took his squad and headed off towards Fort Salamandastron.  The Long Patrol, led by myself, ran up the path towards the trailor park behind the main battlegrounds.  It was just myself with my CPS 1500 and scope, Pyro P (Paul) with his customized SC 500 and flour bombs, and Gunny (Jacob) with a CPS 2100.


It took us 5 minutes to get to the woods behind the Vermin fort by cutting through the trailor parks, 3 vital minutes shorter than if we’d have gone through my neighborhood…not only that but not quite as suicidal.  The day before I had run the the same route we were taking today, and scraped a small path through the pine woods behind the enemy fort clear of pinestraw and twigs so as not to make any noise at all.  By the time we got to the pinewoods we slowed our pace to a crouched walk, and I took point.  Within 30 feet of the fort enemy scouts spotted us.


Immediately we opened fire on them, but the thick folaige of the young pines blocked out our shots.  We backed up, trying to avoid any sudden attacks by the rest of the enemy.  Dodging shots from an SC 600 I fired my CPS 1500 and eliminated one enemy scout.  Then we charged, the other scout fell back and I shot him in the chest.  By this time the rest of the Vermin at the fort were already on their feet and at their positions around the fort.  We tried to charge the fort, but they fired a volley and we quickly jumped back with the volley missing our feet by only a few inches.  We were forced back into the woods a bit, and then I tried to flank them.  Running to the left I dodged shots from around the fort and took out another soldier.  It looked as if one third of their army was here.  Of course, one third of their army versus us 3 was not all that great of a figure…especially since we were the agressors.  Two of the remaining four soldiers attacked us unexpectedly from the left.  We backed off and then maneuvered back towards them firing a few shots.  As they backed off to try to get back into the fort Gunny nailed one in the collarbone, and I soaked the other’s chest.  By this time we were almost out of water and had forgotten about Pyro’s flour bombs so we retreated even though there were only 2 soldiers left in the fort.

We all split up as they caught on to the fact that we had basically no ammo and began to chase us.  However we were alot faster and made it through the woods to Mueller Drive.  Pyro P and I got back together, although we weren’t sure where Jacob was.  Hiding in the brush on the left side of the road we saw a squad of 3 vermin under Psycho’s command.  Psycho was not there at the beginning of the battle, so this could be reinforcements.  At the same time I was worried that they had taken the fort and had sent Psycho out to find us.  Pyro and I trailed the enemy squad from about 800 yards off.  That’s when we saw Gunny again.  He was in a sniper position at the tunnel where the creek went underneath Mueller Drive.  I guess he had refilled somewhere, otherwise he wouldn’t be looking to kill.  Pyro and I pumped up what little water we had left and began to stalk the enemy from the side of the road, growing closer and closer.  They were heading towards the fort!  This must have meant that it had not been taken yet!  The enemy began to grow farther apart as they went on…BIG MISTAKE.  Gunny jumped out of his hiding place with a war hoop and nailed a straggler in the back with a 5x blast.


The enemy caught on, but it was too late… as soon as they turned around I soaked them.  One squad annihilated!  Just then we saw the remains of three squads, the rest of their army retreating back from Fort Salamandastron.  Photehepson’s troops were chasing them towards us.  Unfortunately  I was out of water, but Pyro P wasn’t.  The only one left of the attack now was one of the enemy leaders, Hellbringer.  Pyro P sighted up his modified 500 and crouched behind a large white oak.  Hellbringer ran straight into his shot!  Thus ended their assault.
With a failed assault, annihilated reinforcements, and only 2 of 7 people left at their fort there was no way they could recover this battle.  It was over, they gave up.

Second Round

After such a glorious victory most of the greenies wanted to celibrate and didn’t want to leave fort Salamandastron.  I wasn’t sure how to handle this.  I wanted to use their high morale so that they would fight better, so I told all of the people who wanted to stay at the fort that they could.  Four people stayed, Cristina (MD Secret Strike), Pyro P (SC 500), Crystal (MD 5000), and Gunny (CPS 2100).  This was the biggest single mistake I have ever made tactically in any battle.  After this I sent Spazz (Water Warriors Firefly) and Bemizmo (MD Secret Strike) up to gaurd our fort in the pine woods.  I didn’t think anyone would try to take the flag there, but just in case, then we’d be ready.

With the remaining troops Photehepson and I went on the offensive.  This time instead of coming in from behind we entered through the side, having to run through someone’s yard to get there.  Our plan was to confuse the enemy, to make them think there were many more of us than there really were.  We spread out, but remained close enough so as not to be able to be attacked seperately.  Apparently the enemy commanders had not yet settled on a plan for this war yet, as there was no one to be found near by.  Soon enough though, we saw two scouts appear out of the woods.  Kirk told me later that they were getting annoying, so they sent them on a “special mission” to find us, and leave them alone.  As soon as they spotted us they ran back to their base.  When they were gone we quickly took off in a different direction, marching around there for a while.  We were far enough out of site so the enemy wouldn’t be able to tell we were the same people they spotted before, this way they would think they had a squad attacking from the front as well as the side.  This tactic worked beautifully, soon enough the scouts reappeared and rushed back to the fort telling them our new location.  Once again we moved, light, and fast, to a different area; except this time it was to move in for the kill.

Battle Gallery


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