Super Soaker Shot Blast Review

This is my first review of 2010, and I have to say that I am very excited. I will be the first to say that I am not a fan of piston-based waterguns, but the Shot Blast isn’t your typical piston-based soaker. The 4x nozzle and internal pressure chamber do the most to distance this blaster from the likes of other piston-based guns like the Vaporizer or the Helix. Since the firing chamber holds more water than the pump can pump with a single stroke it takes 2 pumps to charge the Shot Blast. It would be more accurate to say that 1.5 pumps charge the Shot Blast as it fires upon the 2nd blast. After this 2nd pump the Shot Blast will fire with each repeated pump until the reservoir runs low. Each shot releases a powerful stream of water with a little more soaking power than the average piston-based blaster. The stream is very concentrated when it leaves the nozzle but it spreads out a bit by the extent of its range. This allows the Shot Blast to have greater soaking power at its furthest range. Still, one can’t help but wonder if a more concentrated stream would increased the Shot Blast’s over all range.

With a top range of 30 feet anyone using this gun has to get in very close. This is my biggest complaint about the Shot Blast. In the age of mods, Buzz Bee soakers, and the Ebay CPS trade the Shot Blast comes up short, very short. I do not recommend this for any kind of 1hk or tactical engagement. With that being said, the Shot Blast is still a lot of fun and would be fun, and effective in a soakfest where having to pump frequently can leave you drenched. With that being said I still do not believe that the Shot Blast would prove superior to the likes of the XP 310 or XP 270 in a soakfest. The Shot Blast still has a downtime (when the pump is being pushed forward). The aforementioned blasters have the ability to push out a constant stream of water as long as the user is pumping and holding the trigger down. Of course, in a soakfest things like this usually don’t matter so much as everyone is getting soaked anyway.

Structural Review:
Construction wise, the Shot Blast is a thing of pure beauty. Kudos to the Nerf design team who designed all 2010 Super Soakers, Dave (XNeverfacedefeatX) would be proud. It looks good and it feels even better. I have not felt a more comfortable pistol grip/handle, and it’s not even close. Everything about this gun feels tactical, and that is the major irony at hand. It is clear by the design of the gun and by its marketing and packaging that the Shot Blast was intended for serious water wars. It even comes with a modular stock and a scope mount. The buttstock is detatched by pushing down on the orange knob and pulling the stock backwards. The length of the stock can be adjusted to 4 different lengths. The picture above features the stock fully extended. To adjust the length of the stock one only has to push in the rear knob and slide the butt forward. The aforementioned scope is sold seperately unless you purchase the Shot Blast from Argos. Lastly, the Shot Blast features an improved reservoir cap. The reservoir cap is easy to twist off while being easy on the fingers.

Ultimately the performance of the Super Soaker Shot Blast is a bit of an irony. While designed and marketted to be the ultimate, or “biggest” as the box says, tactical soaker its performance is much more suited to soakfests and casual backyard brawls. Its beautiful, dare I say innovative, design makes it quite fun to use. One can only hope that the Shot Blast is only the beginning of a long line of tactically designed Super Soakers that also have comfortable pistol grips and reservoir caps, modular buttstocks, tactical rails, guided pumps, loops that can be used for straps… but also triggers and CPS firing chambers =).

Pros: Overall design, including: guided pump, improved reservoir cap, detachable buttstock, comfortable pistol grip/handle, 4x nozzle

Cons: Poor range, pumping to shoot decreases accuracy
Recommendation: Neutral – if you want a fun, durable soaker for back yard soakfests or a bigger blaster for young children the Shot Blast is a good choice. If you are looking for a serious tactical fights I suggest choosing a different weapon.


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