Down on the Bayou

Date / Time: Saturday around noon, April 30th, 2011
Location: Bluff Lake, Noxubee Wildlife Refuge, Mississippi
Number of Participants: 2
Type of Battle: Soakfest

Tiff and I headed down to Noxubee today to check out the Wildlife refuge. We brought an XP 65 and an XP 240 with us. I wanted to take a picture next to the water, so I set the camera up and ran down to where she was standing, only to get hosed by her 65.

Of course, that was not going to do, so I got her back later when we were out on the boardwalk.

We decided on having an all out battle, so we went down the trail and fought it out in the woods. During the first battle I had the 240 and she had the 65. I kept her at bay, hiding behind trees and pumping rapidly so that my range wouldn’t decrease. I was impressed with how she used cover, but she used up her ammo all too quickly.

After that we switched guns and I used the 65 the rest of the way. Tiff hosed me again, this time coming out of the Wildlife Resource Center where we had refilled. I had to get payback, so once we were in the woods I twisted off my nozzle and used my 65 on riot blast. A huge blast of water erupted out of the end of my gun at point blank range. Punishment.

The riot blast on the 65 is different from the riot blast on the 105. It is more concentrated, like a 20x blast, but it doesn’t have nearly as much power as a regular 20x shot of course, going only about 5 feet. I’m not sure which riot blast i prefer. The 65 definitely had more power, and shot out more water than the 240, but the 240 kept up in range, and the capacity lasted longer. It also must be noted that the angled design of the 240, and the location of the hose that goes to the nozzle, is superior to that on the 65. You can shoot solid streams at greater angles, with less water, than you can on the 65.

Some pics of the battle location:


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