Ghillie Suit Weapons Cover Mod


mod ghillie 1You Will Need:

  • Camo Fabric
  • Black Netting
  • Tan Twine
  • Parachute Chord
  • Green, tan, black, or brown thread
  • A Needle
  • Spray paint: olive drab, brown, and black.
  • A Black Sharpie
  • Black Electrical tape



Step 1: Cut Out Your Cloth

You will want to make the cut fit the following dimensions, (2x the gun height) long, by (the gun’s width + 5″) wide.

Step 2: Drape Cloth Over Gun

mod ghillie 2

Cut a line parallel to your carrying handle (if you have one) as this will help it fit more naturally.

Step 3: Reservoir

mod ghillie 3

Pull cloth tight over reservoir and cut a hole for your reservoir cap. After you’ve done this, wrap the loose ends of the cloth around the reservoir and sew it tight so that your reservoir is now covered in camo cloth.  I took a bit of twine and tied a loop around the cloth which I sewed around my reservoir.  The added loop helped it not be baggy.

Step 4: Pistol Grip

mod ghillie 4

Wrap your cloth as tight as can be around your pistol grip – but leave room for the trigger.  You’ll probably have to make a few cuts to make it a snug fit.  Sew your cloth tight around the pistol grip.

Step 5: Carrying Handle (if necessary)

mod ghillie 5

Find the space between the handel and the body of the gun.  You can do this by pushing against the cloth and feeling where the gap is.  Cut this gap out on both sides of your gun – but leave make it an inch short on each side.  You will use this extra cloth to sew together as seen in the pic.

Step 6: Cut Excess Fabric (on bottom of gun) Into Fringe

mod ghillie 6

Step 7: Sew Black Netting Over Fabric
mod ghillie 7

The netting isn’t sewed on yet, or even pulled tight in the fabric.  I kept it loose so that you could see it better.

Step 8: Cut Twine & Spray Paint

mod ghillie 8

Use variation in the length.  Spray-paint your twine black, brown, & olive drab.

Step 9: Tie Twine to Fishnet

mod ghillie 9

Step 10: Cut Parachute Chord

mod ghillie 10

I recommend the above colors of parachute chord.  If you want to go cheap, you can buy the #10 tan and spray paint it whatever colors you want. If you go this route make sure you use only 1 color spray paint per strand of parachute chord that you cut.

Step 11: Sew Parachute Chord to Fabric
I also sewed my parachute chord to other pieces of parachute chord.  For instance, I’d have a long 8″ piece of chord with smaller pieces of chord tied to it hanging off in different directions.

mod ghillie 11

Step 12: Burn Loose Ends of Parachute Chord
The chord you just sewed onto your gun will have frayed ends.  You can melt the ends of it so that it won’t fray.  After you do this, you will need to use a black sharpie to color the melted part which will be otherwise be white.

Step 13: Tape the Cover Around the Nozzle
This ensures that the nozzle doesn’t get covered up by the cloth – which would block your shots.

mod ghillie 12

You are finished!

mod ghillie 13

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