SS 210 Mod


Objective: To increase shot time, range, and power.

This is a custom gun mod, specifically for the SS 100; however, you can use many of these steps when modding other blasters.

Background Info:
I used my SS 100 mk2 during the 2nd Battle of Thunder Gulch at the 2011 Community War.  This was a 1 hit scores game where you had to pause for 10 seconds whenever you got hit, and each side was allowed only 1 CPS weapon, which could have a nozzle no bigger than 5x.  I like this kind of game because it is tactical.  However, unlike 1hk games, there’s a lot of shooting going on.  So, naturally, people had to fill up quite often.  The 100 comes with a pretty good sized reservoir and pressure chamber, but I still had to fill up a lot.  Although I did pretty well, making ~12 hits as opposed to being hit only 3x, I realized that I could do even better if I could up my rate of fire while decreasing the amount of times I had to refill my gun.

This mod consists of the following smaller mods:
New pressure chamber (SS 200 reservoir)
New backpack reservoir (camelbak)
Add SS 200 pistol grip
Add CPS 1000 nozzle cap
Camo paint job


PC Capacity
Shot Time ≥ 70% range
48 oz
17 oz
7.5 sec
4 full, 48 bursts (+1, 17 filled & charged)
100 oz
34 oz
15 sec
4 full, 100 burst (+1, 34 filled & charged)

Step 1: Take the Gun Apart


Store your pressure chamber and reservoir somewhere for future modding.  You will be replacing them in a bit.

Step 2: Perform Cosmetic Mods (paintjob, add SS 200 pistol grip, CPS 1000 Nozzle Cover)

ss210 mod1

Step 2: File Down Your SS 200 Reservoir

ss210 mod2

Step 3: Epoxy SS 200 Reservoir into The SS 100’s Pressure Chamber Coupling

ss210 mod3

Step 4: Reassemble SS 100 and Let  New Pressure Chamber Dry Overnight

Step 5: Clip Filter off of SS 100 Reservoir Intake Tube (can also be done prior to this point)

ss210 mod4

Step 6: Clip Mouthpiece Off Camelbak

ss210 mod5

Step 7: Insert One End of 1/4″ (Outer Diameter) Tube Into Camelbak Intake Tube, Insert Other End into 3/8″ (OD) Tube

ss210 mod6

Step 8: Insert SS 100 Intake Tube into 3/8″ (OD) Tube

ss210 mod7



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