On this page you will find offensive tactics for team based soakfest, respawn, and elimination games. No matter if you’re performing a raid in a 10 v 10 soakfest, an ambush in an elimination based game, or a move towards the flag in a respawn game there are common tactics to all offensive movements – organization, stealth, speed, and violence of action.

What to Attack

  • Seize your enemy’s water supply. In a soakfest, the team that is the wettest at the end loses. If the enemy has no ammo they cannot shoot at you. They will be forced to run to another water source. Pursue them and soak them.
  • If your force is not strong enough to seize and hold your enemy’s ammo point, use a raid to trash it. Attack quickly from a hidden position close to the enemy base. Dump over all buckets, seize water bottles, and smash waterballoons.

Elimination Games

  • Attack enemy personel. People often over think this one and get into attacking an enemy base or seizing an enemy water supply. I have been in very few 1hk games where anyone ran out of water. Atack the enemy personnel. Target and eliminate key leaders once the fighting has started.

1 Hit Scores

  • Be flexible.
  • Seize your enemy’s water supply. 1hs games usually involve a decent amount of refilling, so attacking and seizing/trashing your enemy’s water supply is a good idea. However, since most 1hs games usually require you to freeze for 10 seconds or so after being hit, you have to be more cautious when seizing an enemy ammo point than if you were playing a soakfest.
  • Seize a strong defensive position. 1hs games require hits to win, and are usually fought over a preset period of time. This means that in order to win contact must be made. Seize the high ground in order to give your weaponry additional range – allowing you to obtain more scores. This is extremely effective if you have already taken the lead early on in the game.

Respawn Games

  • Respawn games usually involve lots of running between refill positions and respawn positions. Set ambushes liberally.

Capture the Flag

  • The flag should be your ultimate goal, but do not send someone to make a mad dash for it unless you think they can make it. Since CTF games are usually elimination or respawn you should target enemy personel first, eliminate the defenses, then seize the flag and run like hell back to your base (or wherever) with it.

How to Attack

  • Know what, when, where, and how you are attacking. Example. What: Enemy defensive position protecting enemy flag in CTF game. When: When the opportunity best presents itself. Where: The flag is located at the intersection of 2 paths in the forest. How: We will use a thicket as cover and attack from behind. As you can see, you do not need to go into great detail. Be flexible. Make sure everyone on your team knows what you’re attacking, where it’s at, and how.
  • Movement from friendly to enemy territory should be as fast as possible.
  • Movement within enemy territory should value stealth over speed.
  • Maintain your sectors of fire when on maneuver. This decreases the possibility of being ambushed.
  • If at all possible, do not attack until you are within contact range (however far your weapons can shoot).
  • If the enemy security is lax or they are goofing around and not paying attention – attack!!!
  • Upon contact use violence of action, do not pause as it will give the enemy time to react, strike quick and strike hard.
  • If you are playing CTF go for the flag before the enemy knows you are going for it.
  • If you are outnumbered, ambush.
  • If you are evenly matched, ambush.
  • If you hold superior numbers, ambush, if this is not possible, surround the opposition.
  • Swiftly pursue a fleeing enemy, but never to the point that a smaller/lesser skilled portion of your team has become cut off, deep within enemy territory, from the rest of your strike force.< Back to tactics

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