Good defensive tactics are all too often overlooked by the majority of water warriors. Defense is more than just sitting back in a base and waiting for the enemy to come to you. for the enemy, it’s equally as dynamic as being on offense, and a good defensive plan will break an attack like waves crashing against rocks. I’ve put together a detailed guide on how to put together a hardcore, never say die, defensive plan.

Three Factors for a Good Defensive Position

  1. Cover & Concealment – Are you hidden from the enemy’s view? Do you have anything to hide behind that will block their shots?
  2. Line of Sight – Do you have good visibility over avenues of approach? Will you be able to see them before they see you?
  3. Elevation – Elevation increases your range. It also makes your position more difficult to attack since it can be physically exerting to move up hill.

Questions Your Team Needs to Answer

  1. How long can we hold out? – How long can you fight before you have to refill? Can you refill at your defensive position? If not, do you abandone your position or do you send someone to fetch more water?
  2. Under what condition(s) do we retreat? – If the objective of the game is to defend your position, you obviously defend at all costs. If you are playing a 1hk or 1hs game your decision should hinge on the number of casualties you can inflict upon the enemy vs the number you will suffer.
  3. What are our escape routes? – If you do have to withdraw from the position, where will you withdraw to? What is our exit strategy?

Defensive Fighting Tips

  • Keep a low sillhouette – Don’t give away your individual position, if at all possible. Even if the enemy knows your team’s position, your aim should be to keep them ignorant of where individual players are.
  • Camouflage your position – Make it look as natural as possible, use downed trees, branches, leaves, bushes, and tall grass. Thick objects like downed trees are ideal because they can block incoming shots.

Defensive Fighting Tactics

  • Try a flanking counter attack – If you are able to mask the position of some of your defenders, you can deliver a crushing counter attack from where the enemy least expects it.
  • Feign a weak point as a trap – Fake a retreat and have the enemy chase you into an ambush.

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