The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics

The terms “strategy” and “tactics” are often used interchangeably despite having fundamentally different meanings. A proper understanding of what these terms actually mean will make you a better commander.

Strategy is your ultimate gameplan. Here are some examples of strategy:

A) Conduct a guerilla war involving multiple hit and run ambushes because you are outnumbered..
B) Use superior numbers to seize all refil locations, then simply outlast the enemy and destroy them when they run out of ammo.

Tactics are the little plays that you use to accomplish your overall goal. If strategy is the what tactics are the little steps to accomplish how.

Consider strategy (A). Here are several tactics that could be used in the same game to accomplish this strategy.

A1) Conduct a “mouse trap ambush.” A single fighter or small team engages the enemy and retreats. The enemy follows, unaware of your larger team hiding in the dense foliage or around the side of a building. Your larger team springs the ambush and soaks/eliminates the opposition.

A2) Using stealth and or camoflauge your team sneaks its way to the enemy base and makes a loud, wild attack at close range, overturning enemy water supplies, slashing or stealing balloons, and possibly stealing a flag before disappearing back into the woods.


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