Anti-Lag Pump Intake Mod

The pump of the Colossus does lag a bit when you really start pumping it quickly. This mod doesn’t completely remove the problem (the internal tubing and check valves are a bit restrictive), and does involve removing the small plastic filter on the intake tube. This does mean you have to be more careful about the water you put into the reservoir. Nevertheless it did make a big difference on my Colossus.

The other issue with the intake tube in the Colossus is that it is far too long and lies in the wrong place in the reservoir to make use of all of the water. This mod also shortens the tube to make it lie in the lowest point in the reservoir. The blaster now uses, as near as makes no difference, all of the water in the reservoir, whereas there used to be a sizeable volume left which I couldn’t seem to use no matter how I positioned the blaster.

What you need:
2x Philips screwdrivers (size 0 or 1 and size 3 or 4 [These sizes are guidelines only. A screwdriver at the correct size for the screw head, may not fit into the screw well.])
1x Scissors or knife (strong enough to cut thick plastic/rubber tubing)

Open up the blaster (see sling mod above)

Remove the reservoir completely from the blaster casing. It is held in position by pegs built into the casing, and is connected, via an o-ring, to the rest of the internals without glue. Hold onto the white plastic connector as you pull the reservoir out of the connector (prevents anything getting broken). It will take a fair amount of force to pull the reservoir off the connector the first time. The intake tube will easily slide out of the reservoir.

At the end of the intake tube is a white plastic filter thing. The bars are very thick and restrict the flow of water through the tube by quite a bit:

mod pump anti lag1

(This pic shows the bars removed. I first tried to enlarge the holes, but then wanted to make use of more of the water in the reservoir by shortening the tube)

Cut the tube shorter. Cut it at such an angle (~45°) that the opening in the tube points DOWNWARDS when placed back into the reservoir:

mod pump anti lag2

(yeah, I cut it the wrong way in this pic :goofy: )

Cut a small bit off at a time until the tubing just fits in the lowest point of the reservoir:

mod pump anti lag3

Re-assemble the blaster! If you HAVEN’T drilled out the screw wells, tighten the large (size 3 or 4) screws before fitting the small (size 0 or 1) screws for the same reasons as when you took the blaster apart.

You now have a Colossus which doesn’t have pump lag as badly as it did before, and that can make use of all of it’s reservoir’s water! :D ~Andrew


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