Heavy Weapons Officer Guide

“Heavy Weapons Officer, the macho of the team. This is like the queen piece in chess.” – Iceman

Your role on the team is to lay down as much fire as possible. For this reason you need a gun that not only puts out a lot of water, but has a long field life as well. I recommend using a CPS 3200, 3000, 2700, or SS 300. If you are fighting in a soakfest the Monster XL is not a bad choice as well. In battles where most of the combatants are poorly armed with battery powered nerf soakers you should be able to get away with using a Gorgon, Vindicator, CPS 4100, or Monster. It all comes down to high output + high field life.

This position is considered an officer position because it’s takes a lot of skill or experience. You may not be the team leader, but the team leader will have placed a lot of trust in you to take on this position. I have played HWO and team commander at the same time, but I prefer to have a veteran team member fill this role instead, that way I can carry a lighter load and be a lot more mobile as team leader. Being an HWO is a big responsibility, you carry one of the most devastating weapons on the team. You may also be required to refill your teammates if they can’t get a water source.

Ideal Traits for HWOs

  • Strength
  • Experience
  • Tenacity
  • Ability to make executive decisions

Ideal equipment

  • High output/high field life primary: CPS 3200, 3000, 2700, or SS 300
  • Sidearm: SC Power Pak, Aquapak Devastator

Waterballoons are not very important because you will most likely not have the agility to be very acurate. If you are playing in a small 1hk battle you probably will not need a sidearm. If you are playing in a big soakfest sidearms that can refill other weapons are very good. If you are fighting a large soakfest or 1hs battle and cannot get a sidearm with a lot of ammo that is also comfortable you should carry extra ammo. The easiest place to do this is in a backpack. You can place your 3200, 300 or whatever backpack in a larger school backpack, and then attach waterbottles to it.

Combat Tips

Your primary role is fire suppression, which means to pin the enemy down by firing a lot, so shoot when you have even a little bit of a chance at hitting the enemy.

Don’t chase someone down one on one unless you have superior range or if they are a scared noob running for their life. More maneuverable fighters with CPS 2000s, 2500s, 1500s, or k modded 10s/12s/21s are best for moving in and out of battle on the flank and chasing people one on one. Leave that to them.

In a soakfest be cautious of guns with superior shot times, or guns that can maintain a steady stream of fire by pumping and shooting at the same time. Your gun will probably require a lot of pumps which can leave you vulnerable. Make sure you have an escort with a gun that has a long shot time or a gun which can keep shooting while pumping. They don’t always have to be by your side, but make sure they know it’s their job to protect you if someone gets up in your grill while you’re left pumping.

Dual weilding massive guns can be intimidating to noobs, especially in a soakfest, but don’t try this in a 1hk or capture teh flag battle.

You’re probably going to be most useful at midfield/defense in capture the flag games, due to your lack of maneuverability. However, if you can run at your top speed for a long time while carrying your gun you can still be a great offensive player.


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