MOAB – Chaos Round

We were about an hour into the first rivalry round of MOAB, and my team held a 1 nothing lead. After taking the lead we had been pretty intent on disappearing into the forest and engaging the enemy only from the darkest lairs and ambush laden spots on the map. That all changed once we found out Drenchenator had arrived. i can’t vouch for CA99 or Duxburian, but i was driven to move by both fear and greed – two very dangerous and self destructive things if not held properly in check. Fear that Drenchenator wouldn’t be able to find us. Fear that Drenchenator may unknowingly wander into someone’s yard, causing a stir. Fear that the enemy would pick off Drenchenator and soak him before we could get there. Greed to get reinforcements and win by a much wider margin than 1 to 0. At least one of my concerns was legitimate.

About halfway through our journey to pick up Drench we caught sound of the enemy. It was a perfect attack. Half of their team was coming straight for us acting like they didn’t see us. We had limited visibility to our left and couldn’t see that their other players were coming around the other side of the road, which was on a ridge, and coming right for us. ‘We need to move, now,” i said. My main concern was that CA99 wouldn’t be able to get away in time if we were attacked, and we would have to get away since we were outnumbered and had less powerful blasters. ‘Patience, wait, for the right moment.” Dux’s concern seemed to be about not giving away our position if they hadn’t picked up on us yet.

i ended up being right, but more out of unfortunate luck than out of predicting the enemy’s movement. The enemy to our 12 o’clock (straight ahead from our direction of movement) was just a distraction. SEAL and someone else came roaring over the hill firing and everything became a blur. i don’t even remember firing back, just said run, and there was some exchange about meeting at the pine woods. I’m pretty sure CA99 got caught in some blackberry thorns and hosed down with an MXL.

After that DX and I ended up split up and running for our lives, me with my modded SS 100, and DX with an XP 310. Our pursuers had a Monster XL, Blazer, the Modded Arctic Blast with the 42″ range, and an XP 240. I don’t fully know what happened to DX after this, he’ll have to take over for himself here, but I just remember crashing through the woods and thickets like a madman with Chief hot on my trail. I remember thinking, “there’s 2 types of vegetation – stuff you can smash through, and stuff that will smash you, run through the first.” I knew that I could use my body weight momentum, and my blaster to crash through pretty much any blackberry thicket, section of tall grass, and even shrubs and small trees. I seriously smashed through two thickets and was able to get out of range of Chief, who had previously been firing shots at me while I was running for my life. That’s when I tripped on a vine and smashed my 100 into a sweet gum tree in front of me. The barrel cracked. I thought I was a goner, but somehow I was able to scramble to my feet, dodge a shot, and then get out of range again. i ended up climbing a hill, and watching the enemy looking through the forest for us. Once they started getting close again I took off down the opposite side of the hill and ended up climbing about 65-70 feet up into a 100 ft tall Beech tree. After a while that’s when I heard the sirens.


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