Trigger Pull Repair

Problem Diagnosis:

I picked up a CPS 2000 MK1 recently. It’s a beautiful gun, inside and out. (Although I found a few spiders). But it has a problem, even though physically nothing looks wrong. At low pressure/ with air, it works fine. But put some water in, and it’s difficult to get it to shoot. Pulling the trigger does almost nothing. If you pull just a little harder, you can get water to start shooting out of the nozzle but at very low velocity (like pouring onto the ground). Once this has started though, letting go of the trigger and pulling it again fires it quite nicely. Also, if you pump the gun up to maximum, sometimes it will start nozzle leaking on it’s own and pulling the trigger makes it fire.

I will end up shortening the trigger pull to maximize valve control.

reoaur trugger oykk 1

Notice how it’s different from a normal CPS 2000/2500. Also, the trigger is thicker and a more durable plastic. The hard PC isn’t glued. Etc, etc…

So what’s actually wrong with this cannon? Nothing, well sort of. The fact is, that the pressure generated is so much, that the internals turn and twist when you try to pull the trigger. I could barely pull the pin once the gun was pressurized; and seeing how I have manually pulled the pin on a 3000, 2000 MK2, 2500, I can attest to how powerful this thing is. So what did I do?

reoaur trugger oykk 2

Right: Original hole for trigger wire — Left: New hole —-Also, I apologize for the crappy picture.

So I figured I would try this. It’s not a hair trigger, but now when you pull the trigger it starts to move the firing pin back immediately instead of just moving the wire back 1/4 inch, accomplishing nothing. Now, without pulling the trigger back all of the way, it can be fired reliably. Like it was supposed to be! It’s reversible, you can’t see it, and unless you drill too many holes and end up with a slot, you can’t screw it up. And it works!

Discussed @ WWN


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