Tactical Exercise #1 Mr. Dude’s Response

strategy war games scenario1 mr dude

In terms of weapon distribution, the player with best aim gets the 2500, the 3 10 FFs and ABs go to the athletes, Shot blast goes to the stealthiest, and the 4100 would go to the odd one out.

The moves will be as follows, Shot Blast and an AB hang back, staying in the woods nearest to the deployment area in A3. They pick off any infiltrators, while remaining safe in the bushes.

Meanwhile, the remaining 6 immediately run to the bridge (they deployed nearer to it, they get there first). 4 of them are to hold the bridge and make sure no opponents get on it, the remaining 2 keep on the lookout for opponents crossing the river. In terms of cover, one of the watchers takes the woods in C2 (one of the FF users), the other hangs around the C3/C4 area (the 4100 user). The 4100 user and the bridge occupants won’t need permanent cover as they’re far enough away to get in defensible positions if M4’s evil alliance approaches. By defensible positions, I mean using the bridge for cover or any big rocks around it. The 2500 user’s job is to take advantage of his range and keep the opposition as far away as possible, while the others cover fire. As a unit, their job is simply to prevent the Evil Alliance from crossing the river anywhere.

Should the Evil Alliance attempt to spread out and cross in multiple locations (with a significant chunk of their team, ie more than 3 players), then a different approach will be taken. The watchers both relocate to hold the bridge from within the woods in C3, while the 4 former bridge holders all rush out and assault the Evil base. If there are defenders at the base, then my invaders are to run straight down to F3 (out of any Evil Alliance soaker’s range), then wheel around and use the building as cover while they attack. One of the FF/AB/310 grabs the flag and books it back to his base, the rest of the team provide cover fire.

If the Evil Alliance stays back and plays defensively, my team does not leave its positions. 2 base defenders, 2 watchers, 4 bridge holders. They never leave their positions unless more than 3 opponents push up.

PS, my team is not the Good Alliance, but the Antiheroes.

-Mr Dude

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