Tactical Exercise #2

It is now 11 AM. Your team has just finished an early lunch and you now have 1 hour before the battle starts.

You can build additional defenses, conduct patrols, plan ambushes, keep everyone near your flag, or whatever you come up with.

You and your 15 man team must defend your base in a 1hk/capture the flag game. The enemy has 18 players. The battle begins at noon. You win by either A) eliminating all enemy combatants or B) successfully defending your flag from enemy capture until 2 o’clock.

Map Recon

  • Each grid square is 15m by 15m
  • Your flag is the blue X in the middle of the map. You are not allowed to move the location of your flag.
  • A tree stand is located 2m W of your flag. The tree stand is 10m up and has no cover, it is a simple flat platform with a ladder.
  • Your team has constructed a 1m high palisade out of pine logs, located 15m south of your flag.
  • The palisade is built on top of a 1m high dirt mound.
  • There is a sand mound at corner of the E/F/6/7 and a thick grove of bushes in E6.
  • There are very large downed trees 12m E and W of your flag as well as grids H5 and B6.
  • The creek that runs from A4 to J4 is too wide to jump. It must be waded, or a makeshift bridge must be built.
  • Your team has built a log bridge to cross the creek at F5.
  • The creek that runs from A8 to F6 is wide enough that only your best athletes can easily jump it (terrain allowing).
  • The creek that runs from the pond is small and shallow enough to walk across.
  • There is a giant collapsed beaver damn in H4, surrounded by an open sandy area, which is surrounded by thick underbrush and trees.
  • The thicker the green, the thicker the brush/trees. Density of foliage has a MAJOR impact on mobility and LOS. LOS can be as little as 2m in thicker areas.
  • The ridge on the W side of the map is high and dry, with pine trees and an open forest floor.

Soldiers & Equipment
P1: You, team commander
P2: Veteran 2nd in command with 21k
P3: Friend from school with black XP 270. Stealthy & fast, veteran of many school nerf battles. Will not use CPS.
P4: experienced, brought Tigershark
P5: experienced, brought Vindicator

10 people on your team have little to no experience and did not bring their own guns. The equipment you have available is as follows:
CPS 3200CPS 2000CPS 2500, CPS 12k (x2), XP 150 (x2), Arctic Blast (x2), Stream machine, Max D 6000Monster XLStorm 750 (x2), Max D 2000, Goblin, XXP 175 all fully loaded. 2 lacrosse sticks, 200 filled waterballoons, 6 2 liter bottles of tap water, and plenty of camo cloth.

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