Tactical Scenario #2 Atvan’s Response

I’m gonna cross the bridge and set up as many flash fortification things as I can with some of the noobs- can’t be that hard rigth? I want them on both sides of the creek where there is the opening in the vegitation, and then line as much of that creeks as I can with them on our bank, with a few placed at the best jumping spots on both sides. Assuming it is spring and the thorn bush is greenbriar, I go over there while my noobs are impaling the ground, and grab a few handfuls of the leaves to snack on (yummy!). Then it’s bye-bye bridge.

Put in some flash fortifications in the north while discussing positions- a strike team of my 2nd in command (P2) and P4, plus a noob with a AB and a noob with a 6k. Then a radial defense- 4 in the outer ring with ranged weapons, facing Southeast, Northeast, North (in the West), and West (in the South) to cover all the major gaps. A second ring of four staggered against the first with longer shot time weapons. These two rotate positions and weapons every 10 minutes, always moving to the left. If there is an engagement, the ranged weapon fires tap shots, while the longer shot time weapon from behind right comes up to support. If more assitance is needed, I (P1) and P3 are near the flag, but can support the outer rings. Any casualties On the outer ring are replaced by people on the inner ring, but the inner ring members are not replaced. I and P3 can replace outer ring members if need be. P5 is in the treestand with the 3200.

If the patrol makes 5 kills, they check on the camp from a distance with binoculars- if it is bad, they rejoin, if it is good, they make 3 more kills, and the survivors reinforce the camp. If the outer ring colapses, it should regroup as an 3 member ring in the center, surrounding P5 and the flag- if any member of that falls, P5 gets down and a back to back to back ring around the flag forms, and they fight until the end.

strategy war games scenario2 atvan

Weapons Distribution:
Strike Team: (P2) 21k, (P4) Tigershark, (P6) AB, (P7) Max D 6000 – I think this is a cool idea
Radial defense: 4 people with “ranged weapons” – CPS 2000 southeast, 2500 north, 12k northeast, stream machine west using creek
Second Ring: 4 people with “longer shot time weapons” – the vin, the xl, the 175, and the AB
Peninsula Base: (P1) what weapon do you use? (P3) XP 270, (P5) in treestand with CPS 3200. Does he lend out his Vindicator or keep it as well?

I’ll take both 150s and have the MD2k ready.  Commander’s got to assert dominance, right?



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