Tactical Scenario #3 Atvan’s Response

I’m expecting a pretty wide defense, so will play off that. Do we need to eliminate the enemy or just take over their base? My plan assumes that only takeover is needed. Also, I’m hoping your scale is wrong and the map is longer than 160 ft.

First off, I’m gonna get everybody in position. Runners will be sent to all crossings of the river with pythons or 150s. The rest of the light weapons will move in behind them and hide to protect against the possibility of an overrun. The heavy units will split up to the different crossings. One heavy gunner will stay at each of the bridges, and a third to a half of the light troops will join each strike team.

The east strike team (50 balloons) will move in behind the ridge, by the dam. If executed well, the enemy should be unaware of them there. One of the troops should be carrying binoculars, as well as a camoed periscope which, if possible should be dug into the hill. (We can have these, right?) The western strike team (25 balloons) will move into the woods at I1, prepared to clear hidden enemies quickly if required. The center strike team (100 balloons) will fall back in reserve to the trailer and commece artilery fire, with as many spotters with binoculars as possible. The remaining balloons are left with the bridge holders.

The western strike team will slowly approach the enemy base. They will draw enemy fire, while firing little. They fall back, hopefully drawing a few enemies out of the base. They will draw them as far as possible, and then shout a war cry as loudly as possible. This will serve to intimidate the enemy, call for the cease of the bombardment, and call for the east strike team to rush in as fast as possible.

The western strike team will rush in, overrun any enemies they drew out, expecting heavy casualties, and fire as much water into the fort as possible before they are eliminated. The eastern strike team should get within range with water balloons as the last of the western strike team is eliminated.

When the eastern team gets within range with the balloons, they should approach another ten feet or so, and draw fire as the bridge gaurds also rush. The center strike team will begin to approach, and when they arive, and both strike teams will hold their position until they run out of water balloons to throw at the base, after which they will send in a man from the north as the other strike team sends in a man from the east, and they will continue to send two man waves until the base is taken or everybody from the strike team is eliminated.

M4’s Response
You did a good job pulling security by sending runners to each of the river bridges.  This kept your western team from being ambushed at F2.  You were able to defeat my squad there, but not without taking a few casualties.  Unfortunately, by moving into the woods at I1, your western team came into contact with my 11 man assault squad, which having vast numerical superiority, destroyed your east team.

The central team faired a little better, although they were also ambushed – when they set up an artillery station at the trailer.  You had superior numbers and weaponry, so you destroyed my ambush team, but again, not without taking casualties.  You would have found it difficult to hit my base with your WBL from the trailer.  First of all, it is 600 meters away.  Second, there are trees in the way.  You would have had to have an extremely powerful gun, and a spotter from the western team, calling in shots using the periscope and a cell phone.  This might have happened, but is unlikely.

Your western team took the Railroad bridge at G1 with no problems.  The feignt attack did not go so well.  I did not station many people at the fort, and they knew not to chase your team out into the open.  I’m not saying it wasn’t a good tactic, it would have worked very well against a less experienced defender.  I stationed my WBL in the silo, and your western team took fire from it when they stayed out in the open.

Ultimately, your team was ambushed and took too many losses to make an effective final push on the tree fort.  Your attack using 2 man waves was a bad idea.  If you went through with that your team would be picked off easily.  You had some very good ideas, but spread it out too much.

Points to Consider

  • Posting security at chokepoints was a very good idea.
  • Just because you assume the enemy has a spread defense doesn’t mean you should use a spread offense.  Concentrate your forces and punch through the enemy lines.
  • Feigning an attack is a great idea, especially when combined with an actual assault from another direction.  Unfortunately,  your western team was eliminated and was unable to attack following your eastern feignt.
  • Don’t attack in waves.  This isn’t 1940s USSR.  You have plenty of weapons, attack with all you have!

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