Tactical Scenario #3 CA99’s Response

My first move is to make note of, and take control of key fallback points. I divide into two groups of squads; one moves and attacks from the east, and the other from the west. The west group gets all the ghillie coated or camo/black painted blasters and will use stealth to move through the woods from the (B2 to F4) range. This is assuming that the stream through the woods is narrow enough to cross without too much trouble. (i.e. Via leaping across, or stepping over rocks/fallen trunks and what not.) If the stream cannot be crossed, then the west team will move with the east and cross the bridge or tributaries

The east group is geared for more open, solid cover based combat and is less stealthy. They will split three players off of them after crossing the bridge; the three will head to the barn to setup a small base or fallback point with supplies, and the rest will head to the trailer to establish as a small control point for the fight to happen later across the train tracks crossing at (F6/G6). A scouting team armed with painted camo SS 100’s can break off and move to the dam.

The west group will split off 2 or 3 scouts to check how well the bridge and gate at (F2) is defended.

The WBL will be tricky to use, but will primarily be used to take potshots from across the river to see how many defenders can be eliminated with it. If direct firing is not allowed, then it will be used to bombard key points on the map, such as defensive positions across the bridges. It will play a key role during and after the main attack to push across the river.

The first goal is to scout the three chokepoints and come to a consensus on which one to focus the attack on. If any of the bridges are rather poorly defended, the majority of the attacking team will move there and push the main attack. The remainder of the team is in stealth mode and will try to sneak across anywhere they can. If a crossing is achieved, a control point must be established ASAP; the gate and trench for the bridge, or the Silo for the train crossing. Any crossings made from the dam will not have a base established; they will instead move along the ridges and sneak along the southeast instead of fighting in the open.

At this point, it is very difficult to predict what will be going on, but the main plans of action are to establish control before moving up to take control of the defenders’ “home” area. This part will arguably be the most intense part of the game, possibly even more so than the fight to push across the river.

M4’s Response
You sent out scouts to find the route of lease resistance – very nice!  Not everyone else did this, a lot of people sent scouts everywhere, and then divided their attack.  You found what seemed like the route of least resistance and you exploited it.
I have your forces attacking from the dam, since your scouts with 100s found that there was no one there.  You already ran into an ambush at the trailer, and your scouts spotted my ambush at the F2 bridge.  I have your stealth team going through the woods to the dam, after they clear out he trailer.  I really like your idea of dividing up the teams by stealth/visibility.  Of course, then you chose to bring the together for a more powerful attack, which I think would prove rather effective.

I have a WBL in the silo, and your team has to cross over 1km from the dam to the tree fort, so you would likely take casualties along the way.  If your team is smart, they will spread out.  It is very difficult to hit a moving target (not in bulk).

I still held numerical superiority at the end,so it would be a difficult battle for the tree fort, but I think your concentrated attack would have made it into the fort.   

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