Tactical Scenario #3 Duxburian’s Response

Like Atvan, I am expect a spread defense. My largest advantage at the start is that the enemy doesn’t know where I will be coming from and they have to cover 4 crossing points.

Before the game officially starts, my faster people will be allocated the heaviest guns and slower people allocated the lightest guns, since speed will be critical in the early game. The moment it starts, I’m taking off at max speed with all 25 of my players down the A row to the A1 corner and down the 1 column to the high ground at D1.

We enter the forest on the creek bank, avoiding the path and then stop dead, concealing ourselves near the edge/D2 corner. Now, we wait. We can wait 30 minutes or more. I want the enemy to think that I’m setting up some elaborate maneuver using up more map. The longer we go with 0 contact, the more likely the enemy is to get restless, explore, and otherwise drop its guard. By the time they actually start to actively scout on my side of the river for my team, that’s when it’s time to move. The enemy has 0 reason to do so since they need only achieve stalemate to win. Thus, if they are scouting, they are spreading the defense too thin where it matters – at the objective. If they scout down the E2 path, I might even let them walk right by, depending on how many and whether they will make noise when getting ambushed. 1 or 2 is not worth blowing my position for. If they spot any of us, we are moving immediately.

When we judge that the time is right or are forced to go at any time, we move out, ford the creek, and rush the F2 bridge. If the defense is light, we are rushing straight down the path, skirmishers first, followed by core, and rear guard. If the defense is heavy, we moving through the woods on both sides and down the path, skirmishers in the woods and core on the path. Douchenator is on the path and ready to take aim at the bridge.

Now, there is a 99.9% chance that the enemy does not have the numbers to hold this bridge against my entire force concentrated all at one point. We shouldn’t even need to fight for this. But, if they have several players behind trees, the light gunners will take out water balloons and lob them across to cover us from beyond water gun range as we take the bridge itself. Someone will obviously also have to check under the bridge before we cross for any attempts at troll ambushes.

Now, two things could happen after the crossing. If I see that the enemy defense within range of the base is too thin, I’m going to call a full team rush and we go for the jugular in one go. If the enemy is able to concentrate enough to foil this plan, we back into the woods at G4/5.

Or, if the enemy is well-concentrated between us and the base, we use sheer numbers to force entry to the woods at F2 and drive the enemy beyond the gate. This is when our position is totally blown, so we have to move fast through these dense woods through F3, F4, and G4/5. When we reach G4, I expect the enemy to have at least 3/4 of its total force within defensive range.However, the bulk of this force is likely to still be between us and the base, in the open. They can’t set up their big numbers in the forest on my flanks, else we will full-team rush the base from center. So, they must leave a critical mass between the woods and the base. They could set up one flank in the G5 woods opposite my left flank, but I doubt they’d set up on my right flank, for I could use my concentrated numbers to overwhelm them in quick, brief strikes, never leaving the cover of the woods. This is a danger to any flank they choose to engage in the woods with me. I can bring roughly 2/3 of my force against any flank they set up and if the only place they can afford to concentrate for real is the center.

The river is evidently too big to ford, else there wouldn’t be the need for the 4 crossing points, thus my rear is secure. I can also send my players to refill from it, in rotation to keep as large a force as possible in the field. If they go behind to F5 and try to shell my rear with water balloons, I can send a few players to my side of F4 and try to get an angle on them. I can also shift my force down to cut off the bridge so they can’t get back. They don’t have enough firepower to force the bridge now and if they go around, it will take them out of the fight for long enough for me to press the center.

Now, those trees in front of G4 and 5 will be decisive. If the enemy has launchers and balloons, they will not be too effective in the woods. But, mine will be quite effective shooting from the woods to the open. I am counting on the woods to help muffle the weakness of some of my guns in the range and output department as well.

If I can get those trees, I am going to fight hard to keep them. If I can get Douchenator within 300ft of the base, I can start shelling it with reasonable accuracy. The G5 line is still out of range for hand thrown balloons.

Until something makes the base rushable, I will hold in this position for as long as it takes. There is no reason to leave unless the battle starts going my way and enemies start getting eliminated. If they still have their full force when I get into this position, they will be unable to use their larger numbers as an advantage, as the only place they can concentrate the whole thing safely is between me and the base.

The only problem is if they don’t engage me in the woods and pull everyone back to form a line from the sand pit to the silo. My pack is then less effective when I move up to the G4/5 trees, because I risk diagonal crossfire into the salient. They can also use those positions to stop any center rush dead. Of course, I can still attempt a full team rush at the sand pit side, using Douchenator and water balloons to create space in front and make them fall back a bit. The sand pit side creates a better approach than the silo. I could shell from the trees in I4 and use the building as cover. They can’t threaten my flank at J4 seriously, because putting too many people away from the base will leave it open to full team rush.

That is my more offensive strategy. My more defensive strategy involves lots of waiting and ambushing and is boring. It could take an hour just to whittle the enemy down to even numbers, assuming I don’t take any losses myself.

M4’s Response

You concentrated your forces and punched through my defenses to get to the objective.  Your forces would still take heavy casualties .  They have to move 750 meters through the open to get to the tree fort (unless they bound from pine grove to pine grove) while my WBL shells them from the Silo.  After that they will be attacked form behind by my 11 man assault squad, but considering your superior numbers you would most likely prevail.Your plan exposes a critical flaw in my defensive strategy – weak communication and weak tertiary plans.  What do I mean by tertiary plans?  I mean backup plans.  I mean, what will I do, if the attacker does X.  I should have given my F2 bridge ambush team binoculers and  orders to contact the trailer squad and the 11 man assault squad in the event of a possible attack.  I could have surrounded you 20 to 25 and if I didn’t destroy your entire team I would have reduced your forces enough that they would not be able to take my HQ.

The map to the right shows how I could have trapped you near the bridge.

Points to Consider

  • Concentrating your attack is a good move against a spread defense.
  • Attack as quickly as possible once you are discovered.
  • You don’t have to eliminate all enemy forces to win at capture the flag/hq.

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