Tactical Scenario #3 Martian Shark’s Response

strategy war games scnario 3 martian shark

I quickly send 2 light CPSs, an FF, and an XP 150 down the path at B2. They make their way through the forest so that they’re behind the trailer so that anyone near the barn won’t see them. They quietly determine if the trailer is already occupied. If it is, they put it under siege without the people inside knowing. If it isn’t, they go inside and wait around. Either way, the XP 150 is sent back to report to me. If the XP 150 or someone else doesn’t show up after a certain amount of time, I’ll assume they were killed.

 strategy war games scnario 3 martian shark2

At the same time, an MD6K and a Vindicator are sent to each place that the forest could be easily entered from the farm (there are two I believe). They hide in the trees and ambush enemies that try to come out of the farm area. I also set two light CPSs at the two entrances of our park while we prepare to attack.

Once we’re ready, the 17 people remaining on our team (including me) are sent over to C10 with our heaviest weapons: The Hydro Cannon, the CPS 2000, the CPS 3200, the CPS 2700, the remaining MD6K and FF, the Blazer, the XP 270s, the Pythons, the XP 150s, and the SS 100s with the Goblins as some people’s backups. The two light CPSs guarding the park are picked up, bringing our number to 19. A few of these people with lighter weapons run down other paths to pick up our ambushers. One of these runners will be carrying the WBL and about 50 water balloons. These people gather in the trailer, assuming the trailer is under our control. If not, they gather in the forest on the west side of the farm, hopefully with the people I had sent earlier to take over the trailer.

Three quarters of my team goes down the edge of the map and goes behind the large building at the bottom. While waiting, they guard the water faucets.

The rest of my team goes down the railroad tracks (actually dirt road in middle) and hides in the trees north of the tree fort. They have the WBL and 50 more water balloons. The other group has the rest of the water balloons.

The north group fires water balloons at the tree fort, distracting them and maybe eventually sending part of their team over there. While that’s going on, the group behind the building attacks, coming from both sides of it. They throw lots of water balloons at people in the tree fort, and take it over. The end.

M4’s Response

You concentrated your forces and punched through my defenses to get to the objective. Your forces would still take heavy casualties . They have to move 750 meters through the open to get to the tree fort (unless they bound from pine grove to pine grove) while my WBL shells them from the Silo. After that they will be attacked form behind by my 11 man assault squad, but considering your superior numbers you would most likely prevail.

Your plan exposes a critical flaw in my defensive strategy – weak communication and weak tertiary plans. What do I mean by tertiary plans? I mean backup plans. I mean, what will I do, if the attacker does X. I should have given my F2 bridge ambush team binoculers and orders to contact the trailer squad and the 11 man assault squad in the event of a possible attack. I could have surrounded you 20 to 25 and if I didn’t destroy your entire team I would have reduced your forces enough that they would not be able to take my HQ.

strategy war games scnario 3 martian shark3The map to the right shows how I could have trapped you near the bridge.

Points to Consider

Concentrating your attack is a good move against a spread defense.

Attack as quickly as possible once you are discovered.

You don’t have to eliminate all enemy forces to win at capture the flag/hq.


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