Tactical Scenario #3 SEAL’s Response

First of all, I see absolutely no reason to leave anyone at the base, so everyone’s going to move out at the start of the game. Basically I want to set up troops everywhere we think the enemy might go. I think I’ll have 3 men hide in the trees near the stream crossing in C-7, with oh, maybe a Flash Flood, a Vindicator, and the CPS 1000.

3 more men will take up residence inside the barn at D9, one carrying the WBL, along with a Python for backup, while the other two will guard him with the CPS 2000 and Hydro Cannon.

10 guys will populate the forest near the F-2 crossing, as this seems to me like the most likely place enemies will go for. The 10 will be armed with: The CPS 3200 and 2700, a Vindicator, a 21K, the 1200, two MD 6000s, a Flash Flood, and an XP 150.

I’ll have 2 people set up an observation point in the old trailer, with the Blazer and a MD 6000.

5 more will hide in the woods near the dam at G-9, wielding a Vindicator, the other 21K, an XP 150, and 2 SS 100s.

The last two people will be scouts, and armed with an XP 150 and a 270, and will sneak over to the trees around the bottom of the 1 column, and report enemy activity to the other squads via cell phone. The remaining Pythons and Goblins will be given out to people on the 10-man and 5-man squads as sidearms, and water balloons will be distributed as evenly as possible.

Once I destroy a majority of the enemy forces I will move straight towards their base.

M4’s Response You explored every possible area I could hide my troops, and in the process you maximized your field of observation, and cut off my escape routes.  This would be an excellent strategy if you outnumbered me 2 to 1.  Unfortunately, you do not hold numerical superiority, I do.By spreading your troops out you made each squad vulnerable to my superior numbers.  Furthermore, the distance between your squads made it hard for them to reinforce each other.The 2 troops you sent to set up an OP in the trailer were ambushed and eliminated by 5 of my soldiers – set up for that very purpose.Your reserves at the C7 bridge, in combination with the squad you sent to the empty barn, will be able to see the battle at the trailor and will rush to reinforce your team.  However, since it was a close quarters ambush they will get there too late to save the 2 soldiers.  Your reserves/barn squad will most likely eliminate my men in the trailer, but not without losing a few more troops.Your 10 soldiers, plus the 2 scouts, ran into an ambush at the F2 bridge.  However, your superior numbers overpowered my ambush and although you lost a few soldiers you were able to press on with your plan.

The squad you sent to the dam will most launch an attack on my base about the same time as your, now depleted force, from the F2 bridge.  The team at the dam must cross 1000 meters of open terrain to get to the tree fort, meanwhile my mortar team in the silo will be shelling them with a WBL.  If your team is smart they will spread out to make it more difficult for my men to aim the WBL.

Once they have made it close to the tree fort they will have numerical superiority, but they will also be tanking fire from snipers on all sides.  I have an Arctic Blast hidden in the shed rafters, shooting out a window, a Splashzooka attacking from under the deck, and a CPS 2500 attacking from the silo, in addition to 4 tree fort defenders

Coming from the F2 bridge your men will be attacked from behind by my 11 man assault squad; possibly outnumbering you by as much as 2 to 1.  Your team will be eliminated before it can bloody, er soak, the tree fort defenders.

This leaves your 2 scouts, who will encounter the remainder of my defenders; and the 3 soldiers at the trailer.  After your scouts are eliminated your 3 reserves will be faced with the choice of conducting a glorious last stand in the trailer, or running to the woods to conduct a guerilla campaign.

Points to Consider
Dividing your forces is risky when you’re outnumbered


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