Tactical Scenario #3

Your arch nemesis is defending their team leader’s farm. Intel reports that 30 of their team members have shown up for battle. You have assembled your own team at the local park behind (A5) behind the farm. You are waging an all out assault on the enemy base. Take control of the enemy HQ (H5) in order to claim victory. Game is 1hk.

strategy war games scnario 3

Map Recon
Each grid square is 250 ft x 250 ft. Rocks, hills, and ridges provide excellent cover. The forest is dense. The N stream can be crossed easily via a ford on the path at D2. The 2 tributaries of the N stream (C7 east) can easily be crossed. The river can be crossed by bridge, at the dam, or via the RR tracks (G10). The enemy HQ (H5) is a very large deer stand converted into a tree fort. Blue Xs denote water spigots.

This is going to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, water war you’ve ever attended. You have 25 soldiers at your command. Your team has the following weapons at your disposal:

Douchenator style WBL
Hydrocannon (Jeffman3 modded)
CPS 2000 mk1 (ghillie cover)
CPS 3200 (painted black)
CPS 2700 (painted camo)
2 Vindicators
2 CPS 21k
CPS 1200
CPS 1000
3 Max D 6000s
2 Flash Floods
3 XP 150s
2 XP 270s
3 SS 100 mk2s (painted camo)
4 Pythons
4 Goblins
200 waterballoons, any carrying devices you need
Win the battle by (A) capturing the enemy’s base, or (B) eliminating all enemy personel.

Determine the deployment of your troops, followed by a brief battle plan. Be sure to indicate your reasoning.

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