Repairing a CPS Blaster that Sprays Wildly When You Shoot

This issue is somewhat common among CPS 1700s and 1500s but can also happen to other blasters that feature a plastic grid as a laminator (turbulence reducer) such as the Monster series and CPS 4100.

The plastic grid, which normally produces a laminar stream, is stuck sideways and sometimes changes its location so that the stream is normal again from time to time. I could even move it with some pressured air blowing in.

The CPS 1700 Internals, nothing special for experienced Super Soaker enthusiasts like me ^^

Now the difficult part, never did this before. First I’ve loosened the screws before I used a knife to cut through the glue. In my case, there was no need for grinding, I just used a bit force on the knife and suddenly it went in at some place around the nozzle valve. After that I used two screwdrivers to pry it open carefully.



First look on the nozzle laminator. Everything looking normally.

But by touching it with the screwdriver it rotated easily! That was causing the problem with this unrealiable stream!

Not exactly as described in this article (topic6557.html#p58623) there are two nozzle laminators, seperated with a short plastic tube inside the nozzle. I could even rotate both of the laminators with my tool, as you might recognize in this picture.

As suggested I fixed the one which was more accessible to me with four drops of epoxy on four sides, after I dried everything with a hair-dryer. I used as less epoxy as possible, because I didn’t want to jam the laminator. I figured if I fix the upper one, the lower laminator had not enough space to rotate anymore.

I forgot to take pictures of the reassembling, but there was not much worth mentioning.
After screwing the nozzle valve together, I put a thick streak of epoxy around it. Maybe this was a mistake and I should also have put some epoxy between the two parts, but this way I could open it up again more easily if anything should be broken again inside the valve.

Now look at that thick stream! No leaking from the valve so far, the epoxy seems to hold it. But that weather… :-( This should be summer in Switzerland… :oo:



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