Super Soaker XP Pool Pumper Blaster


Released: 1997
Ebay Value: $29.97

PC: 48 oz

Range: 39 ft
Output:  oz/sec
Full Shot Time:  sec

Gun: ” x ” x ”
Nozzle: 2.4 mm

Weight Loaded: 5.1 lbs
Weight Full: ~
Weight Empty: 2.0 lbs

Pump Volume:  oz
Pumps to 100%:
Pump Stroke:

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life


This is simply one of the greatest waterguns ever released. This gun has intangibles in spades. An incredibly powerful pump, great PC capacity, amazing durability, the fastest trigger ever. You know, the kinda things you usually don’t think about when looking for a gun. Those intangibles allow the 150 to stand up to larger, more powerful, guns. In the right hands an XP 150 can pressure CPS users. The massive pump capacity, PC capacity, and lightning quick trigger work together beautifully so that you should never be caught out of pressure. This gives you a significant advantage over guns of similar size that can run out of pressure quickly, like the Colossus 2 or Ultimate Explorer. Make sure to stay out of range of CPS guns and then go in for the kill while they are pumping or not paying attention. If you must engage CPS users directly I highly recommend that you find cover within range of hitting your opponents, then let your high rate of fire take them down.

The XP 150 is one of the most durable guns of all time. I’ve owned or borrowed 6 of these and never have I had one break on me. The pump seems indestructible and I’ve never had trigger issues. The reservoir is a little annoying however. If you have a mk 1 you have to twist the reservoir in, starting from a 90 degree angle to the gun. The mk2 and mk3 twist in from 180 degrees. In other words you have to start with the reservoir facing the rear of the gun.

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