Super Soaker Arctic Shock

arcticshock thumb

Released: 2005, 2006, 2011
Ebay Value: $16.59

Reservoir: 45 oz
PC: 6.5 oz

Range: 35 ft
Output: 1.4 oz/sec
Tap Shots/Tank: ~128

Gun: 15.8″ x 3.2″ x 11.4″
Nozzle Size: 1.6 mm

Weight Loaded: 5.2 lbs
Weight Full: 4.8 lbs
Weight Empty: 1.9 lbs

Pump Stroke: 3″
Pump Volume: 0.5 oz
Pumps to 100%: 13

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life


The Arctic Shock derives its name from the ice core (essentially a popsicle mold) that comes with the gun. You fill it up with water, put it in the freezer, let it freeze, take it out, and put it in the lower half of the reservoir. The ice core DOES make your shots cold, and people will run, so this is one gimmick that is actually worth something. Unfortunately, this is nothing truly groundbreaking since you can achieve the same ends by simply putting ice in your reservoir.

Ok, so how good is this thing actually? It’s disappointing. The shot time is an abysmal 3 seconds at up to 70% of its range (24 + ft). The crazy thing is that it actually shoots that far for 3 seconds as 3 sec * 1.8 oz/sec = 5.4 or 83% of the pressure chamber. For the non tech geeks out there, what I’m sayin’ is that this thing fires almost all of its firing chamber without experiencing that much of a drop in power. With that being said, maximum range (35 ft) is nothing to write home about compared to other Max D style blasters. The pump volume is also very low for a gun this size, leaving you vulnerable against many comparable sized blasters like the SC 500 or Python 2.

The pitifilly inept pump, low shot time, and average (at best) range make this a gun that you don’t want to have to use during a serious water war. Lastly, the more you use it the greater the wear will be on the trigger to ball valve spring. Although it’s not as weak as the first generation Max Ds it will break over time. It is funny, and rather pathetic, that the best thing about this gun is the ice core, even though you can always fill up your other guns with crushed ice.

It was originally titled “Soaker Tag Elite Arctic Shock” when it was released, as the gun came with 2 water soluble targets – something I never ended up messing with. I have titled it Max D here because it uses a Max D style ball valve, and no one really cares about the soaker tag elite targets. The 2006 “Max Infusion” version comes with a 50 oz hydropack.  I do not know if the 2011 rerelease is compatable with Super Soaker aquapacks. All 3 versions perform the same.

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