Water Warriors Blazer

Released: 2003 – 2006
Ebay Value: ?

Reservoir: 65 oz
PC: 25 oz

Gun: 23″ x 4.5″ x 11″
Weight Loaded: 9.3 lb
Weight Full: 7.6 lb
Weight Empty: 3.4 lb

Pump Volume: 0.9 oz
Pumps to 100%: 28
Pump Stroke: TBM

cps 1-3-5 ratings

Field Life


Originally released in 2003 by Buzz Bee Toys, the Water Warriors Blazer is a rugged medium primary with a long field life. In 2005 Buzz Bee Toys rereleased the Blazer, changing the red/black color scheme to blue/white and switching out one of the 5 original nozzles for a fan spray. The 2005 release is supposedly more powerful than the 2003 release. This review is of the 2005 version.

The five nozzle options make this gun a great candidate for nozzle modifications. I plan on eventually drilling out my fan nozzle into a riot blast and replacing the smallest nozzle with a waterballoon filler. Of the original stock nozzles I find myself using the largest 2 almost exclusively.

Nozzle Output ShotTime* Range Taps/Tank
TBM 1.2 oz/sec 16 sec 36 ft 267
TBM 2.4 oz 8 sec 36 ft 133
TBM 3.6 oz 5.3 sec 37 ft 89
TBM 6 oz 3.2 sec 34 ft 53
Fan TBM TBM 18 ft  TBM

* ≥ 70% range

The Blazer’s best feature, next to its 5 nozzle options, are its 2 elastic, cps-like, firing chambers which hold a whopping 25 oz of liquid ammo combined. That’s greater PC capacity than the Super Soaker CPS 1000, 1200, or 2100; all of which are similarly sized. What this translates into, as far as combat performance goes, is a good gun for playing aggressively in soakfests. Chase bigger guns down and hit them repeatedly while they are pumping. If they are a good player they will use tap shots and try to keep you at bay with their power advantage. You should close the distance and force the issue from close range; they’ll eventually have to pump. In elimination and score based games it’s best to use cover and mobility to get in range for ambushes or flanking attacks against opponents with more powerful blasters. Don’t be afraid to fire in longer bursts or streams if you’re using the stock nozzle.

The Blazer is a very solid gun. The external shell is amazingly solid. I could crash through Saint John’s Woods smashing through dead vines and blackberry thorns with this gun. Simply put, this gun is a tank. That’s not to say that BBT made the best use out of internal spacing, but this gun is solid. My biggest complaint about the internals is the huge electric pressure gauge. This is completely unnecessary since the gun’s elastic PCs fire at near-constant pressure. Perhaps they are useful for judging how much water is left in your PCs but I would much rather have had an extra 10+ oz of reservoir capacity.

My only other complaint about the internals is the firing valve. It’s too small. The stock firing valve is the exact same valve used on the Black Widow – which uses pressurized reservoir technology. I really think that BBT used the same firing valve on all their guns from about 2003 to 2005, and maybe beyond, as my Vindicator and Lightning also use this same little firing valve. You can drill your nozzles out to 10x roughly, but you won’t be able to get a bigger stream than that. My problem with the firing valve isn’t because I want to put a 20x nozzle on my Blazer but because bigger valves mean greater rate of flow and greater rate of flow is one of the most important factors in range. My stock Blazer maxed out at 37 feet.


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