Colossus 2

Released: 2013-2015
Ebay Value: ?

Reservoir: 57 oz
PC: 10 oz

Gun: 25″ x 3.5″ x 9.5″

Weight Loaded: 6.3 lb
Weight Full: 5.6 lb
Weight Empty: 1.9 lb

Pump Volume: 0.7 oz
Pumps to 100%: 15-16
Pump Stroke: 5.5″

Field Life
Rate of Fire


The Colossus 2 is a slightly smaller, albeit sleeker, transformation of the original Colossus. The larger stream nozzle, the N7, has been replaced with the slightly smaller N5 here. The Colossus 2 holds 92% of the same reservoir capacity but only 55% of the original pressure chamber capacity. As such, the Colossus 2 suffers from much shorter shot times, even with the N7 to N5 downgrade. The pressure chamber is also set up oddly, with water being pulled from an intake tube rather than by the force of gravity, as JJA explains here. Max range and overall field life remain impressive, however.

Output ShotTime* Range Taps/Tank
 1.2 oz/sec  5.5 sec  37 ft  223
 2.0 oz  3 sec  39 ft  134
 3.3 oz  2 sec  37 ft 80

* ≥ 92% range, tap shot = 1/4 second for testing purposes

This impressive range and field life means that a Colossus 2 user has a puncher’s chance against just about any blaster out there. The poor shot time and pump capacity (which I combine into the term “rate of fire”) leave you vulnerable to smaller blasters that excel in this area, such as the XP 150.

To win with the Colossus 2 one must utilize its long range capabilities and great ergonomics, which I think are actually better than the original Colossus. Make surprise attacks with the quad burst nozzle or make a fury of long range attacks on N5, ready to step back and dodge at any moment. Always remember to keep pumping as your pressure dies down rather quickly. New water warriors can utilize the range angle meter to ensure they are shooting as far as possible (the dark green means you are firing at 45 degrees which allows you to shoot the furthest). I also recommend drilling out the smallest nozzle and replacing it with a larger nozzle (use a nylon spacer).

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