Water Warriors Colossus

Released: 2012
Ebay Value: ?

Reservoir: 62 oz
PC: 18 oz

Gun: 24.5″ x 4″ x 9″

Weight Loaded: 7.0 lb
Weight Full: 5.8 lb
Weight Empty: 1.8 lb

Pump Volume: 0.7 oz
Pumps to 100%: 26
Pump Stroke: TBM

Field Life


The Water Warriors Colossus is a good light primary. It’s got great range (up to 39′) for an air pressure blaster and has 3 respectable nozzle choices with enough reservoir capacity to back it up. The following 3 nozzles are as follows:

Nozzle Output ShotTime* Range Taps/Tank
TBM 1.8oz/sec 7 secs 37 ft 156
TBM 2.3 6 39 ft 122
Burst 3.3 4 37 ft 85

* ≥ 70% range

The biggest issue with the Colossus is its miniscule pump capacity. Twenty-six pumps is a lot for an air pressure blaster. By comparison the XP 150 only takes 9 and the larger Gorgon takes 21. This is a serious setback, because, although the Colossus outranges the 150 its rate of fire is so much weaker that 150 users can typically get off 3 shots for every shot taken by a Colossus.

Unfortunately it doesn’t help that the largest stream nozzle is not large enough or laminar enough to consistently make hits at its max range, a more than respectable 39 ft. It is quite possible to “snipe” someone from this far, but hitting a moving target, while moving yourself, is quite difficult as the stream tends to break up. For this reason I tend to recommend taking longer shots, or just using the burst nozzle.

The Colossus has the shot time to get in close during soakfests or against light armed opponents but it is recommended to keep your distance and take longer bursts from long range in hit based games.


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