Super Soaker CPS 1500 & 1700

Released: 1998 – 2000
Ebay Value: $52.21 (1500)
$41.70 (1700)

Reservoir: 105 oz
PC: 30 oz

Gun: 36.5″ x 6″ x 10.5″

Weight Loaded: 11.8 lbs
Weight Full: 9.8 lbs
Weight Empty: 3 lbs

Pump Volume: 1.3 oz
Pumps to 100%: 24
Pump Stroke: TBM

cps 2500 ratings

Field Life


There are few who would dispute the fact that the CPS 1500/1700 is one of the top 5 best blasters of all time. The 1500 got her start back in the 2nd CPS generation alongside such “legendary 98s” as the CPS 1000, 2500, and 3000. What made the 98s so legendary? In a word, POWER. There is only 1 gun that bests the 15s and 17s in range, and that’s the undisputed king of the battlefield, the almighty CPS 2000.

This is one of the best guns you can use for elimination, score, and respawn games. It gives you a 5 ft advantage over the 1000 / 1200 / 2100 and Vindicator, the most common guns found on the battlefield. The 105 oz reservoir does mean that you can get more shots out of this gun (on “5x”) than the 1000, 1200, or 2100; but not enough to get too trigger happy. GJIV added a 2.5x option to his gun, which definitely improved the gun’s maximum shots/tank ratio.

Output Shot Time Range Taps/Tank
5x 7.6oz/sec 3.9secs 45 ft 71
10x 11.9 2.5 45 ft 45

The 5x nozzle should be your primary nozzle choice for all types of warfare as it gives you greater shot time and shots/tank. The 10x nozzle is good for raids and dealing out pure punishment. All the kids in the neighborhood used to call this “cannon mode” and they’d go running for cover when I’d flip the nozzle selector on my 1700 to 10x. I tested 2 1500s and a 1700 and the average output was 8.75x (with little deviation). This sounds a lot less intimidating than the advertised “10x” label, but you wouldn’t know it when you’re being hit by it. Even today, as a college student, this thing kicks. It’s much more powerful and soaks more than the 8.5x nozzle featured in the Monster series. It also feels (in my opinion) to be more powerful than the 10x nozzle on the CPS 2500 and 2700.

Another advantage 15s and 17s own over most other CPSs is the 30 oz pressure chamber volume. Although shot times are still short, you can definitely tell a difference. This gun is tied for 2nd with the CPS 2000, 3000, and 3200 for pressure chamber volume. Only the Monster XL has a larger pressure chamber, but then again, that might be because it has 2.

Overall, this is one of the best guns you can get. However, if you aren’t in good shape you may have difficulty welding this gun on the battlefield.

During a naval battle my beloved CPS 1500 sunk to the bottom of the lake. I thought all hope was lost. A year later the lake was drained and some people that had a lake house fished my 1500 up out of the mud and brought it to me. It was still fully charged! And crazier than that, when I pulled the trigger, it still fired!

I can’t explain it any better than that. This gun is a beast. Whatever they did when they made this gun, they did it right. I have but 1 qualm about this gun’s design, and that’s the forward mounted untracked pump. I saw so many of these snap as a child, including the 1700 I got for my 13th birthday. You have to do a pump reinforcement mod. There is nothing optional about this.



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