Super Soaker Flash Flood


flash flood shot 2

Released: 2005-2006
Ebay Value: $24.82
NIB Value: $54.98

Reservoir: 40 oz
PC: 12 oz

Gun: 15.8″ x 3″ x 12.5″

Weight Loaded: 5.8 lb
Weight Full: 5 lb Weight Empty: 2.4 lb

Pump Volume: 0.75 oz
Pumps to 100%: 16
Pump Stroke: TBM

cps 2500 ratings
Field Life



The CPS Flash Flood is a powerful, dual shotgun and rifle that makes an excelent primary weapon for all types of gaming. Although the range of the 1.5x nozzle is not much better than that of top air pressure guns CPS technology means you keep top range much much longer than air pressure counterparts. I recommend taking off the wire mesh in front of the “flood nozzle” for increasing the range by about 10 feet. Mine outshot all of my guns, with the exception of my CPS 2000! This made it extremely valuable in the 1hk Vermin Wars, although with the short sec shot time, you either hit or missed, so we’d never use Flash Floods alone without escorts with longer shot times.

Output ShotTime Range Taps/Tank
Flood 12oz/sec 0.3 secs 36 ft 4
1.5x 1.5 8 35 139

The Flash Flood not only uses CPS technology, but also Max D ball valves as well. This is probably why the gun can achieve ranges in the high 40s when you take the wire mesh off. The flood nozzle ball valve opens much faster than the ball valve on the Hydrocannon. Unfortunately, like other early Max Ds, the spring that connects the ball valve to the trigger mechanism is very weak. This gun has one of the weakest springs out there, which is an incredible shame, since this gun is a very good combat weapon. Ultimately, the weak trigger spring is the downfall of this weapon. Once it breaks, it’s extremely difficult to replace, and you can no longer fire the weapon. Hopefully someone ends up finding a permanent fix for this.

In 2006, the Flash Flood was rereleased with a 100 oz Aquapack. The ratings to the left reflect the 2005 release. For the 2006 release the ratings remain the same, except for field life which gets boosted to 90%.



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