Water Warriors Goblin


Released: 2011 – 2014
Ebay Value: ?

Reservoir: 10 oz
Tap Shots/Tank: ~50

Range: 31 ft
Output: 0.8 oz/sec

Gun: 11 x 2.5 x 7
Nozzle Size: 1.4mm

Weight Full: 1.3 lbs
Weight Empty: 0.6  lbs

Pump Stroke: 2″
Pump Volume: Air

Field Life


I’m pretty sure that the Water Warriors Goblin is the Monster XL’s orphaned child. Spurned that its parent was eliminated when Hasbro fired the Larami engineers it went over to the enemy and was raised by the opposition at Buzz Bee Toys. I’m pretty sure that one day the Goblin is going to grow up into some terribly ferocious poison spitting (no not like the Oozinator) blaster bent on revenging the demise of the Monster series.

So what is it that I like about this gun? In a word, everything. First of all, it shoots further than any XP pistol, and almost as far as the Max Ds. It also shoots more water than the old XPs, and it’s easier on adult (or really anyone older than 9) hands than the awkward Max D designs. The gun does have a lower amount of shots/tank than most pistols, but I don’t value shots/tank as much as range and ease of use/concealment in pistols, since it’s not like you’ll be using one for prolonged engagements. I got my Goblin at the community water war in 2011 as a gift from iSoaker.

Oh, and did I mention that it just looks plain badass. I think I did, but I’ll say it again.  I just love the design. The yellow end of pistol grip (as you can see in the picture) is actually a twist off cap where you fill the gun up. This is a lot easier than having to deal with the little teathered caps that Super Soaker uses. It fills up quicker too. Oh, and if you take off the yellow end cap you can attach it to a hose! That in itself makes this gun better than the other pistols out there.

Durability wise, this gun is built to last, internally and externally. There’s not a weak point on the gun. The only thing I dislike about the gun is that it’s pump stroke, at 2″, is on the low end, which means it takes more pumps than average to pressurize the reservoir. Lastly, the trigger features a broad lip on it, that makes it much more comfortable than other pistols – and when the trigger feels just right with your finger on it – *evil grin* there will be hell to pay.


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