Super Soaker Max D 2000

max d 2000 thumb

Released: 2002-2006
Ebay Value: $8.47
NIB Value: $21.47

Reservoir: 11 oz
Tap Shots/Tank: ~31

Range: 34.5 ft
Output: 1.4 oz/sec

Gun: 10.5 x 2.5 x 5.5
Nozzle Size: TBM

Weight Full: 1.5 lbs
Weight Empty:  0.7 lbs

Pump Stroke: TBM
Pump Volume: Air

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life



Much like the larger Max Ds, the 2000 is a step up in power at the expense of long term durability. Fortunately the Max D 2000 isn’t as flimsy, internally, as the larger Max Ds, but I wouldn’t go around pulling the trigger just because. This is a definite step up on the XP 220, although the 220 would probably last longer. The power and stream lamination are superior to most other Super Soakers its size and comes close to matching most Water Warriors pistols. The Max D 2000 is a fairly good choice for pistol only rounds.

I find the design annoying as well as ugly. The shape of the gun makes it difficult to fit in a holster, but it is small enough to fit in larger pockets such as cargo pockets or inside of a jacket. Larger hands may find the pistol grip a bit small.

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