Super Soaker Max D 6000


Released: 2002
Ebay Value: $19.31

Reservoir: 53 oz
PC: 9.5 oz
Gun: 19.5″ x 3″ x 9.5″

Weight Loaded: 9.9 lb
Weight Full: 8.6 lb
Weight Empty: 1.7 lb

Pump Volume: 1 oz
Pumps to 100%: 10
Pump Stroke: TBM

xxp 275 ratings

Field Life


The Max D 6000 is a first generation Max D and successor to the XP 310.  Max D stands for maximum distance, and the Max D 6000 makes good on that promise, shooting a good 4 feet further than the XP 310.  This difference in range means that you can use the Max D 6000 in elimination games if necessary, something I wouldn’t recommend with the XP 310.  Outputs are slightly higher, due to the Max D ball valve as opposed to the XP pull valve.  Shot times have decreased from the Max D 6000 to the XP 310.  This is in part due to greater output, but it’s also due to the 6000’s smaller PC/firing chamber capacity.  It’s interesting to note, and also a bit puzzling that firing chamber volume decreased from the XP 110 to the XP 310 to the Max D 6000 even though the reservoir size progressively increased.  Like the XP 310 the Max D 6000 has 4 nozzles:

Output ShotTime Range Taps/Tank
0.8 mm 0.9oz/sec 7.8 secs 30 ft 277
1.2 mm 1.3 6.4 33 227
1.6 mm 1.8 5 36 156
2.0 mm 2.4 2.7 39 104

The nozzles are the same size as those of the XP 310 but their actual output is greater, so there is a bit more noticeable of a difference from one nozzle to the next.  I would still drill out the 2 smallest nozzles.

The weight balance is heavily towards the back, but since the reservoir is pretty tall, it’s not top heavy.  Even so, the rear heavy weight distribution makes this gun difficult to fire with one hand – something I value in medium sized guns.  It’s not really that heavy, but because it’s awkward to one hand, you will find yourself wishing this gun came with a strap.  Of course, you can always follow Andrew’s mod on how to do that.

Like other first generation Max Ds, the 6000 has a tough, durable exterior, but a weak spring going to the ball/firing valve.  It WILL break after repeat usage.  That is the major downfall of this weapon.  This will render your Max D 6000 useless.  There are 2 fixes for this that I can think of.  You can replace the spring with any that you can find that will fit, and no one has been able to do that that I know of.  Or you can replace it with multiple rubber bands.  The pump is another weak spot on this gun, you should definitely do a pump reinforcement.

Ultimately, this would have been a very good gun if it weren’t for durability issues.  To illustrate just how bad the durability is on this gun, my team had 4 new 6000s in 2003, by the end of the year every single one was broken.  SEAL brought one to Downpour 2011, but it broke a year later.  The Water Warriors Colossus is an all around better alternative than the Max D 6000 and I recommend buying one instead.

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